Lets Talk Energy Levels!

If you are anything like me your energy levels have been sinking or just going up and down like waves on the beach. A lot has to do with staying at home more and not being in an office environment for me, as well as fighting normal colds that you unfortunately will think is more than just a cold. What I am trying to do is focus on my overall wellness to me mainly includes what I am ingesting. This could be my basic meals and snacks to  supplements and also medications/vitamins. Now I am not a doctor, I did not go to school for any of these subjects either I am just conducting my own research to find the best fit for me and if you choose to follow what I am doing that is up to you 100%. 

Here is 2-3 things I did to help my overall energy levels and build a stronger immune system:

        I tired to just buy healthier options at the grocery store, more veggies, leaner meats, whole foods, snacks that didn't have a lot of additives or processed sugars. Some people can kill it that I way, they stay with it and see results like weight loss, improved energy and better digestion right away, but unfortunately was not one of those people. I felt like I was wasting foods more that using them or I still could not figure out what to make to eat for each meal. So I then tried to stick with a cookbook, go by those recipes, Create a specific grocery list and only get the ingredients I need. This seemed full proof except finding certain ingredients is sometimes impossible and expensive especially in a pandemic. Also I did still find myself with excess waste and that I really hate. Food going bad or just not needing half of something that I can not really add to a different meal was to wasteful, not only for the lost money but just food waste is really unnecessary. That's when I started to look into the different meal delivery services. 
    I had tried some previously when I had first moved out on my own, I could cook basic meals but sometimes you want to spice it up. I checked out options such as HelloFresh, HomeChef, Martha, Fresh & Easy, Noom, and even Freshly. That's a lot of options when it comes to meal delivery services! However some you have to make some come pre-made, and some are commitments. Overall I choose Hellofresh, for me the ability to use there app to choose my meals, skip a week track my delivery and follow the instructions there if  I misplace the cards made it simple. The prepackaged meals come with almost everything you need, I say almost because they still have you use ingredients you should have at home such as salt, pepper. olive oil ect. The meals can take 20mins- 50mins including prep but this still allowed me to cook and feel apart of the process of knowing what is going into my body. Now this was just step one of what I was doing, however it definitely helped because knowing I am not wasting food, eating out so much by ordering food constantly and also just feeling more self-sufficient cooking something you normally would not was awesome. 

        Next I had my blood taken at my annual physical to determine my vitamin levels. This is something you'll have to ask your primary doctor for, it was an odd question but if you explain why and are open and honest with them they'll help you with a game plan.They can also can set you up with a nutritionist which may be covered by your insurance. I wanted to know if I was deficient in anything and how to correct this wither it be taking a specific vitamin or a multi-vitamin. Now nothing came up completely off balance but they did recommend to up my vitamins with a basic daily multivitamin which can be bought over the counter, pretty much up to me to find one I liked. I did see a nutritionist too and she recommended more veggies, lean proteins and less pasta, not surprising but I took that information all into account when choosing my meals for the week. With the multivitamins, I've probably researched 30, not all are created equal and its sometimes crazy how they source these vitamins as well. I ended up finding one with Modere. I've been taking a lot of there other products which I do love because I have personally found results with there products. Instead of the standard multivitamin pill I decided there GO product was better for me. Its a packet that you can take on the go and mix in water, it provides 11 vitamins and 5 minerals which was what I was looking for. Plus its made from clean natural products like green tea and other plant extracts to provide your body with exactly what you need and non of the processed modified crap you don't. Now this did not have Biotin, Iodine or Magnesium like some multivitamins do have, Modere does make a multivitamin that does have that however I personally did not need to supplement that into my daily routine so that is why I choose the GO. It does come in 3 flavors; Citrus, Fruit Punch and also Pomegranate(this one is my absolute favorite it tastes like pomegranate tea!) I choose this to also help with my energy levels on a day to day too. The green tea extract was important to me and it also made me hydrate more throughout the day with adding a little flavor too the standard water i would be drinking. 

       Finally I started to walk more. Exercise no doubt is important, even if you can or ill be real with you don't want to go for a jog or heavy workout session go for a walk, even if its only around the block or up the street. I am terrible at being consistent at working out but i do go for a walk 2-3 times a day. they might not be long or i might not sweat a lot but i get up and move. Now more than ever its important to take a walk or just move especially if you are working from home as before you got up and moved around some when you were at the office. If you have a dog he or she will appreciate the movement too, my neighbors walk there cats if an animal can keep you company might as well get them exercise too! You'll never know what you'll stubble across on your walk!

I hope you found some of this information useful! I know its long winded but there is definitely more to your body then what you see, please be mindful of the products you put in it and how you treat it. I've learned a lot but of course im still learning and now a days you definitely need a combination of western medicine and eastern medicine. I Personally will try and find more natural products when it comes to over the counter supplies and of course listen to my medical professionals with there advise as they are trained and specialized in this subject. However it never hurts to seek a second option if your gut is telling you something different. I do also want to state i take other supplements from Modere to help with maintaining and loosing weight as well which I've touched on with my Liquid Collagen Blog. I can go into more dept in a future blog as well if you guys would like!

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