The Purple Mattress Review

A couple of weeks ago I had told you that we ordered the Purple Hybrid King Size mattress. I bought it out of my own pocket as we really needed to invest in a great nights sleep! Now I did know we needed to get a new one as we’ve had ours for quite some time, so we were on the hunt for about a year and a half. I was so excited for just a new mattress but I did shop around and try a couple of others out before we settled on the Purple Mattress. I did make sure to lay on them as well as look and compare online, Its so important to make sure it works for you and your needs! 

*none of this is sponsored but I was able to get a $350 off discount code at the bottom of this page!*

Here is our review of the Purple Hybrid King Size Mattress and Foundation:

  • Comfort: 5/5
    Super comfortable, supportive yet soft like sleeping on a cloud, Cratels your pressure points and I noticed when cuddling it will make it more supportive in areas and contour to you and your partner!
  • Sleeping level 4.8/5
    It lost .2 points because its not supercooling like some mattress, I do tend to get overly warm at night so I just sleep on one side with my foot out to cool better, my partner does not have and issue. Also you can still feel if someone is moving around, but its not excessive like standard mattresses its very slight, not that much of an issue and its only if they are right next to you, if your one one side and they are on the other you do not notice it!
  • Set up 4.5/5
    It was extremely heavy and their are handles on the mattress casing but they aren't super functional unless you have at least 2 strong people to transport the king sized mattress, maybe even 3. The fondation was a light box and simple to put together, but the instructions would be better with words and visuals not just visuals. The Foundation is a lot more sturdy than any others we looked at or have had in the past! The purple plates you install make it more sturdy and supportive.
  • Overall Experience: 5/5
    We do absolutely love this mattress! I'm so glad we went with the king size as we both have more room and the doggies can sleep at the foot of our bed with their own space too! We might even invest in their dog beds soon.
    My back has been feeling so much better since sleeping on this for a week+ now. Also I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer because of how it cratels your pressure points, it's probably the best mattress I've slept on! We did also purchase their pillows and sheets. The sheets are the sofest ones we have ever had, theyre also super strechy and the pillows.... they are out of this world! I have always had that issue with the pillows where they create a crater in the middle and you can never find a right place to sleep on  after that, plus it hurts your neck when that happens, but no more! These pillows are the superior to any other pillow out there. Also their products are for all types of sleeper, my partner sleeps on his back and front mainly while I am a side sleeper so this is the perfect match for us! 

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New Mattress Shopping

 So I’ve been putting off this purchase for a while (I hate spending large amounts of money, I gives me anxious) but it was time for a new mattress. Ive had my current one for over 6 years and it was great for a while and it still okay but you know when its time for a change. You’ll start to get back aches and spasms as well, although we have been sitting quite frequently due to working at home we know it was better to upgrade our mattress as well. We went back and forth on about 3-6 mattress brands but kept coming back to the Purple Mattress. (This is in no was affiliated nor sponsored by Purple, we had purchased this mattress with our own money and only found a discount of 10% off with a google search of others affiliate code)

Other brands we considered were Casper, Tempur-peric, Serta and Sleepys as well. We ultimately decided on Purple Hybrid, overall reviews and sitting on one in Macys made me believe this was the right choice. So I placed the order this morning of:

  • King Purple Hybrid
  • King Foundation
  • King Sized Sheets in Slate
  • 2 Queen Purple Harmony Pillows (6.5”) 

We have not gotten the order yet however we are so excited on this purchase! As soon as we receive this item and spend more than 1-2 weeks sleeping on the bed I’ll Report back to give an honest review. It states 3-5 days it will leave the warehouse. Fingers crossed it gets her by April 9th! 

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