New Mattress Shopping

 So I’ve been putting off this purchase for a while (I hate spending large amounts of money, I gives me anxious) but it was time for a new mattress. Ive had my current one for over 6 years and it was great for a while and it still okay but you know when its time for a change. You’ll start to get back aches and spasms as well, although we have been sitting quite frequently due to working at home we know it was better to upgrade our mattress as well. We went back and forth on about 3-6 mattress brands but kept coming back to the Purple Mattress. (This is in no was affiliated nor sponsored by Purple, we had purchased this mattress with our own money and only found a discount of 10% off with a google search of others affiliate code)

Other brands we considered were Casper, Tempur-peric, Serta and Sleepys as well. We ultimately decided on Purple Hybrid, overall reviews and sitting on one in Macys made me believe this was the right choice. So I placed the order this morning of:

  • King Purple Hybrid
  • King Foundation
  • King Sized Sheets in Slate
  • 2 Queen Purple Harmony Pillows (6.5”) 

We have not gotten the order yet however we are so excited on this purchase! As soon as we receive this item and spend more than 1-2 weeks sleeping on the bed I’ll Report back to give an honest review. It states 3-5 days it will leave the warehouse. Fingers crossed it gets her by April 9th! 

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