Amazon Favorites Part 2!

Like many of you I've been online shopping way more since this pandemic started. Although its a good thing to avoid going into the stores right now its definitely been more splurging on random things then on the essentials! Even though these items have become part of my regular routine they are odd items that i don't think I would have bought when shopping in stores I'd have to admit! Here are my new  Amazon items I'm obsessing over currently:

  1. Coffee Organizer: My old coffee machine died so I ended up getting the Nespresso Machine and wanted an easier way to organize the pods for it. This is the cutest best way I had found that also takes up the least amount of space! It goes right under the machine so its out of the way and yet still easily accessible! (click the photo for the link to the items)

  2. Cooler: Originally we had purchased this to go to the beach with as they started to restrict what you can bring with you. But we had lost power for 3 days and wanted something easily accessible to keep ice and smaller food in so we wouldn't have to keep opening the refrigerator. It kept ice cold for 2 days! Also the reviews on this is hit or miss on amazon but there is one from a delivery driver and man those guys have it rough with weather so I decided if it worked for him it would work for us and yess it definitely did!

  3. Stretching Wheel: that high upper part on your back is sometimes impossible to stretch out but with this is makes it a breeze! But be careful on when you roll it is center on your back falling off of it slightly hurts!

  4. This Dress😍: I purchased this dress in mauve and green for a wedding, its so cute and fits like a dream! I'll post photos from the wedding when I do wear one of them later this month! 

  5. Grow Lights For my Indoor/Outdoor Plants: found cute plants but cant provide the proper sunlight for them? this allows you to grow what you actually want no matter if the sun can reach them or not! I use mine with the a switch so I can ask Google to turn it on and off!

Neck Donut for My puppy: When he got neutered i did not want to put the cone on him as he would run into everything with it and knock so much stuff down, plus it looked super uncomfortable for them to lay down with the cone. With this it was like a neck pillow, super comfortable for him and he could easily move around without any issues but not get to his stitches!

*I do receive a small commission when these links are used, however all opinions are my own and these are products I use*
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