Oreo Balls Dessert!


This 3 Ingredient recipe is something I have been making for years and it’s a little addicting so I only make it maybe once or twice a year! These make about 47 bite size Oreo balls and are perfect for work parties, bake sales, or a treat to bring over for an after dinner dessert!


DIY Christmas Decorations on a Budget!

I was on various websites looking at Christmas decorations to spruce up my patio and my apartment this year. I wanted to make it more magical than ever since 2020 has been kind of rough. Unfortunately everything is expensive and with the uncertainty of the job markets and just the universe I wanted to save where I can. Shopping more intelligently and saving the extra pennies is extremely important to me and many others right now. So I wanted to share how I made this adorable light tree for my patio for $30!


Nismo and Adopting Your Furever Pup!

This is for someone curious about the Dog rescue/adopting process. I thought I knew the steps but there was some I did not know and some tips and knowledge I wish I had prior, so here is my experience!

I've known I wanted to adopt a puppy since I've moved out on my own, but I needed to make sure I had enough time to support the pups and myself fairly. I also needed to make sure he/she had a safe space and enough space in my living environment to make it work as well as make sure I could take on the financial responsibility of them too.

This took time, 5-6 years to be exact. You'll never feel fully ready to be frank with you. There is always things you will wish you have but as long as you can feed them, walk them, love and care for them that's what matters. It is a huge commitment especially with your time, potty training is a lot but rewarding and watching them evolve is amazing.  

I have always been a huge believer in adopting animals from rescues rather than shopping for them from breeders, just because there are so many cute animals in need of loving homes that need our help. So I went to petfinder.com and found Angels For Mistreated Animals (AMA for short) and they had helped rescue a liter of 7 pups that were unfortunately extremely malnourished. They named each pup after the Stranger Things cast dubbing them the Stranger Things Puppies. We had put in application for this liter and at another rescue named Mutt Mafia for a female pit-bull name Nola who was about 4 months old so roughly the same age as the Stranger Things pups. We wanted the dog as a puppy so we can really train them to be friendly, loving and caring towards all.

Nola we fell in love with she was so cute in her photos and we drove about a hour to go see her but she didn't make it to the meet and greet. This actually turned out to be a blessing, she found her furever home. We, of course were heart broken but we did get great news the same day about two pups being available from the Strangers Things liter and our application was approved! Now I personally was a little upset and sour about Nola so I did not want to get overly excited about the Stranger Things Pups because I feared getting my heart broken again.  So Kevin took the reigns a bit, he got all the photos and spoke to the wonderful ladies at AMA for days until he set up what I was told was a meet and greet.


Imperfect Foods

 I was recommended by a friend to try out a new food service box called Imperfect foods. In the past I've done the HelloFresh meal services and I go back and forth with doing those boxes. The reason I do change it up is as much as I love the easy go to meals they do sometimes get repetitive with some of the meals and not all suite my taste buds. 

Imperfect foods is a little different, they offer farm fresh foods and also boxed and canned goods you can pick out weekly. For my area I shop on Mondays-Tuesdays and the box is delivered to my doorstep on Friday. You can choose items that are in your box ever week and items you would never like to see in your box that way on you item choosing day it will select items you would like incase you forget to choose, you can always edit your cart and switch it up during your shopping window! 

The items will tell you what the imperfection is, for example the item is carrots and could be a little deformed for store shelf or they might just have a surplus. Either way you save and get fresh foods delivered weekly!

They have meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, grains canned items herbs and snacks too!

Check them out and see if theyre a great fir for you!

Imperfect Foods Get $10 Off Your First Box!

(not sponsored nor affiliated just a great service!)


Dinning Area Rework!

 My dinning room area has been a work in progress since we moved in on Dec 1st 2018. We had nothing there to a dog crate and then a random dresser. So we started to order furniture slowly because furnishing a new apartment is a little expensive. Here is how we turned this barley used space into an actual dinning area and work from home space!


New York Style Bagels!

 I learned to make these bagels last year and man they make me so happy! Something I've always luckily had access too was a fresh made bagel and they are so good when you live in New York. So here is how you get that homemade New York Bagel in your own home no matter where you are!


Chicken Noodle Soup 🍜

 Now there is so many ways to make your own home made chicken noodle soup but here is my take on the classic!


How to Create Your Own Picture Collage on a Budget!

 I keep seeing on my Instagram feed these really cute picture collages, but when they look super expensive and im not for that. I saw on Amazon, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond where you can buy these sets of frames but they were crazy expensive. I also checked out Etsy and wants feeling it as much as I thought so I figured lets try and do my own!


Buffalo Chicken Dip

 I haven't made this in years so I hoped it come out as good as I remember and it really did! 

This Buffalo Chicken Dip is great on hamburger buns (kinda like a pulled pork sandwich), as a dip for game day and its also great cold too! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Skin Care

 I have been changing my skin care routine up quite a bit during quarantine, I was trying to find a cleanser that worked for me, wasn't crazy expensive and had good ingredients, That sounded impossible because when i would find one that was made with natural ingredients it was a pretty penny. and when i found cost effective options, they did not have the best ingredients and also did not work,. They would leave my skin feeling tight and dried out and i would end up either breaking out or needing to excessively moisturize.

I finally decided to try out Modere's skin care line. I do love their liquid college and other supplements so I might as well try out their skin care too.  The price point was more than reasonable at $12.99 and the ingredients like aloe, cocoa seed butter, sweet almond oil and rose hip oil seem promising as well.  I have to say I was not let down, I tried it for about a week to make sure but right away my skin felt nourished, moisturized and overall comfortable. The small breakouts I was getting before cleared up right away and my blackheads were almost gone completely after the first week. 

They have a set which comes with the Dry Skin Cleanser, Day cream and Night cream as well which is what I had originally purchased for $42.16 but their Night cream is out of stock currently so at night I've been using my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream from Sephora which I've had on had and use on and off. But the results I do believe are mainly coming from the change of Cleanser and the Day Cream as i used the First Aid Beauty cream in the past but without these results. 

Also if you have 5 or more products when you order with Modere you can save up to 10% off as long as you sign up for smartship! The great thing about smartship is you can add or replace anything you want as long as your order is ad or above $75 you keep the double the discount promo! It is also so easy to review your smartship and make changes right on their site or through the app!

Modere is a company I do love and stand behind, they make great products at an affordable price that's also clean and that is reassuring. 

These are in my everyday routine:

  • Subtotal Before discounts/Promos: $152
    ith 10% off Smartship Save- $15!
    AND as a first time customer get $10 off using my Refferal code:3702288
    Total: $136+tax for these 5 items!! To me thats like getting the cleanser free;)
  • Order My Modere Everyday routine here!

Gardening and you!

I fell in love with gardening the first summer I had my apartment balcony. I love having fresh flowers blooming and knowing I am helping to feed the bees and humming birds that come to visit! I loved it so much I got a hydroponic garden for my kitchen so I could have fresh herbs to cook with like basil and mint for water! 

It all seems like a lot of work at first but its more so therapeutic. Now I still have the same balcony 2 almost 3 years later but I still love changing out my flowers for each season, making sure they get enough sunlight wither it be moving them to the left or right or positioning the sun lamps at the right angle, and of course watering them. 

Plants teach you a lot in return as well. A good plant needs good nutrients, like soil, water, sunlight and even food here and there to grow strong and healthy. This will allow the plants to fight off the pesky insects and bugs that attack and eat it. Sound familiar? We as humans also need good nutrients sunlight and water to stay healthy and to fight off those pesky bugs and attacks are immune systems face almost daily. I always heard that analogy growing up and understood it but it never truly sank in until well this year. 

I feel as humans we tend to spend a lot of time taking care of other things, our family, friends, work, pets and even plants but we more often than not put ourselves on the back burner. Why is that? We are important because without your own health you cannot do all those things, There is this saying "You cannot pour from an empty cup" then why is it we put others before ourselves almost regularly? 

I'm just here today to remind you that you are important. Without focusing on your own health, both physical and mental, you cannot help others. You are an important part of this puzzle of life but you have to focus on your own health, nutrition, water intake, sunlight(vitamins) and soil(mental space)  before you deplete yourself to lift up others. 

I hope you have an amazing dayπŸ’œ


Finds for Fall!

Targets Dollar Spot is AMAZING for fall steals and deals! Want to decorate on a budget? They got the cutest stuff not only in the dollar spot but all around the store! Unfortunately their dollar spot stuff is not available online so you'll have to check and see if your local targets have some of the stuff I posted below, but if I can find a link for you, I'll post it t to make your shopping easier! Kohl's also has some great steals right now on their fall decor so you can create your own perfect look!

 Here is my favorite picks!

  1. Cute Apple and Pumpkin signs: these babies were only $5 each but add the perfect touch of fall to my coat cubicle system!

  2. These Velvet Pumpkins! Only $1 in the dollar sport and they have a bunch of colors but I loved the Green and Orange ones as they were more classic fall for. Unfortunately both the signs and pumpkins are not online but should be at your local targets in the dollar spots! The cubicles a are linked here!

  3. Hello Gourd-geous door mat- Target $12.99, This punny door mat is such a cute add on! Click Here for Mat

  4. Hello Fall Sign with light up headlights!- Kohl's- originally$39.99 now $23.99! Click Here For Door Sign

  5. They finally came in from Amazon! I decorated an old vase and filled it with this to create a center piece for my coffee table! Click Here for Filler

*Target and Kohl's are not sponsors nor am I getting commission on their products. I do get a small commission on only the Amazon links which does allow me to focus some of my time to this blog, but I also usually find better deals there as well!*


Easy Fettuccine Alfredo

I had made for the first time Fettuccine Alfredo sauce from scratch yesterday and I have to say, it came out so good! Now there are so many recipes you can find online but some had more or less ingredients and I did not know which one to follow so I kind of made my own version.


Recipes For Mini Makers

The two recipes I'm sharing today are my Cinnamon Bun Waffle and my Mini Apple Pies! Both are delicious fun sweet treats, I hope you enjoy!

Cinnamon bun waffles:

 My Sunday rituals use to be a nice brunch and now its brunch at home, still nice a lot cheaper but there is now more of a clean up than I would likeπŸ˜‚. But I do love these quick and easy Cinnabun Waffles!


  • 1 pack of Pillsbury cinnamon buns (you can use the regular ones or the ones with the cream cheese frosting but stay away from the grands)
  • 1 mini waffle maker
  • Non-stick cooking spray

  1. Plug in the waffle maker to heat up, spray with non stick cooking spray
  2. Open Cinnamon Bun Package
  3. Once the waffle maker is heated place 1 of the uncooked buns on the maker and close tightly
  4. Cook for 3 1/2 to 5 mins squishing down again at the 2 min mark ( I like mine a little softer if you like them more cooked then go for a little more time!)
  5. Set the Icing container on top of the waffle maker as it cooks each waffle, this will allow it to soften and make it easier to pour over the waffle buns
  6. grab the waffle bun off the maker with tongs, set on plate with icing on top and put the next one on the waffle maker.
  7. Enjoy when all done!

Mighty But Mini Machines!

 So I might have a slight new obsession, Mini Makers! I'm not 100% certain that is what they are actually called but a company named Dash makes them and they are amazing! It gives you amazing portion control and also just allows you to add individual touches for you, your family or your guests! 

Dash also usually will make their products in red, black and aqua. I love the aqua because it matches so well with my Kitchenaid stand mixer! They also have select products in fun patterns and colors as well, like the mini waffle maker which comes in so many fun prints but they are a little more in price. 

Here are some of my favorite mini machines! My next post will be recipes what I use with them  

  1.  Mini Pie Maker- $32.98 I just made the cutest mini apple pies with this! Perfect for holidays, desserts and even dinners! Personal pot pies! The pies are endless!

  2. Mini Waffle Maker- Starts at $9.99: Mini waffles heck yes, mini cinnabuns OMG amazing! I've used this more than I'd like to admit! But its so quick, easy and clean up is a  breeze! They do come in so many fun patterns and also different shapes but for $9.99 the black and aqua ones are so cute and easy to use!

  3. Egg Cooker-  $19.99
    So many Options! Hard Boiled eggs, omeletts, poaching! All with minimal mess and no pans to clean up! making a nice healthy breakfast has never been this easy and quick! I also like that the measuring cup on the bottom has a little pin to poke the egg shells so it cooks without cracking the egg!

  4. Toster- $37.87- Love this with the little window you can see your toast or bagel and if its getting too burnt just pop it on out!

  5. Egg Bite Maker- I love getting the egg bites at target but not the cost. This little guy allows me to make my own and I do sometimes cheat, I'll get the "just crack an egg" Mix and use that to make special ones without the extra chopping and prepping needed!


Nespresso Machine

 There are so many different types of coffee machines out there now which is kind of crazy. When my Starbucks Verismo Machine died I was really upset. That machine has woke up with me everyday since 2014. I guess it was time to let go and discover new coffees and machines alike. So I researched and researched and was trying to figure out if I had wanted an actual espresso machine or Keurig/Nespresso Pod one or just go back to a classic coffee machine. Ultimately  I figured out I wanted a coffee pod system with lots of options, The Verismo Machine was nice but there were not a lot of pod options and the coffee was lacking variety. 

So Keurig Vs. Nespresso

Keurig- Keurig has lots of coffee options and some machines even have the option to froth the milk on the side but they did not have a whole lot of espresso options and that is one of my favorite things. Also I had A Keurig machine previous to the Verismo and I was not super impressed. It made a good cup of coffee but I was looking for both a great cup of coffee and the ability to make lattes as well. Recycling the pods with Keurig is kind of annoying in my opinion, yes they go right in your regular recyclables but you have to cut the top of the pod open and get rid of the coffee grinds before recycling the pod. This can cause a mess and if not done properly can cause your drain to get stopped up with coffee grinds. 

Nespresso- Has so many options including the cup size of machines, cold brew as well as espresso pods, half caffeine and decaf as well. They are a bit more pricey but you can find them at multiple retailers and they are usually on sale. I also think its cute that they have Nespresso Boutiques where you can sample and purchase coffee pods as well as recycle your old pods. You can also request a bag to send back your old coffee pods to recycle properly which is nice! they pay for shipping and you just have to schedule a pick up with UPS or find a drop box to send them back. Nespresso does all the work taking the grinds out and using them for compost and the pods itself are recycled of properly and turned int o new items! 

Their milk frother does both hot and cold drinks and is so quick and easy! plus you truly get a Starbucks/Dunkin/Coffee House feel with your cup of coffee in the morning. 

Ultimately I went with the Nespresso Venturo line, This is the bigger cup of coffees machine, as the original makes as the original makes a much smaller cup of coffee the Venturo is perfect for the on the go person who likes to take their coffee with them to work or drink it on the commute. I also like the way it makes my espresso and lattes, the flavor profile is unmattached by any machine i have tried before. 

The Original line does offer a bit more variety with the pods and you cannot use original pods in the Venturo line or vice versa. Also worth noting the Original line pods can be found in stores line Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond where as the Venturo line needs to be ordered on Nespressos website, through Amazon or on retailers website and shipped. If you have a Nespresso Boutique near you they do carry both lines in store!

all Nespresso machines come with the sample pack too! its a nice varity of there pods so you can find which coffee style you like!

I purchased my machine at Bed Bath and Beyond as they had a sale on Nespresso at the time and also allowed me to use their 20% off coupon on one item. However you can usually fine them on sale at Target, Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond at any given time so please do not but it for regular price, save some dough! For Example: 

Amazon- regular price: $249.99 on sale for 21% off for $197.99 (Click Here For Link) Skip the store and have it shipped to you!

The sale I had found a month ago: Bed Bath & Beyond: Regular price: $249.99 was on sale for $189.99 + coupon for 20% off one item= $151.20! I saved $98.79! (not current sale, Also i'm not sure if this deal will come back but if you use their app you can get the 20% off coupon there!)

Nespresso Pod Organizer- $24.99 holds up to 52 smaller pods or 40 bigger ones! i like how clean and organized this looks under the machine! this can only be purchased through Amazon. (Click Here For Link

Coffee Flavoring- Torani Variety Pack Caramel, French Vanilla, Vanilla & Hazelnut, 25.4 Ounces (Pack of 4) (Click Here For Link)

Syrup Pumps- Torani and DaVinci fit Syrup (25.4 oz-750ml) Pump - Pack of 2- $6.49 (Click Here For Link)

You can Make your own pods but because the Nespresso machine reads the barcode on the capsules this refillable capsule is perfect! $33.99 comes with two pods and 100 seals(lids) Also i love the packaging! (Click Here For Link)


Amazon Favorites Part 2!

Like many of you I've been online shopping way more since this pandemic started. Although its a good thing to avoid going into the stores right now its definitely been more splurging on random things then on the essentials! Even though these items have become part of my regular routine they are odd items that i don't think I would have bought when shopping in stores I'd have to admit! Here are my new  Amazon items I'm obsessing over currently:

  1. Coffee Organizer: My old coffee machine died so I ended up getting the Nespresso Machine and wanted an easier way to organize the pods for it. This is the cutest best way I had found that also takes up the least amount of space! It goes right under the machine so its out of the way and yet still easily accessible! (click the photo for the link to the items)

  2. Cooler: Originally we had purchased this to go to the beach with as they started to restrict what you can bring with you. But we had lost power for 3 days and wanted something easily accessible to keep ice and smaller food in so we wouldn't have to keep opening the refrigerator. It kept ice cold for 2 days! Also the reviews on this is hit or miss on amazon but there is one from a delivery driver and man those guys have it rough with weather so I decided if it worked for him it would work for us and yess it definitely did!

  3. Stretching Wheel: that high upper part on your back is sometimes impossible to stretch out but with this is makes it a breeze! But be careful on when you roll it is center on your back falling off of it slightly hurts!

  4. This Dress😍: I purchased this dress in mauve and green for a wedding, its so cute and fits like a dream! I'll post photos from the wedding when I do wear one of them later this month! 

  5. Grow Lights For my Indoor/Outdoor Plants: found cute plants but cant provide the proper sunlight for them? this allows you to grow what you actually want no matter if the sun can reach them or not! I use mine with the a switch so I can ask Google to turn it on and off!

Neck Donut for My puppy: When he got neutered i did not want to put the cone on him as he would run into everything with it and knock so much stuff down, plus it looked super uncomfortable for them to lay down with the cone. With this it was like a neck pillow, super comfortable for him and he could easily move around without any issues but not get to his stitches!

*I do receive a small commission when these links are used, however all opinions are my own and these are products I use*

Favorite supplements for immune health

    My Health is my number one goal and priority currently. With everything going wrong in 2020 it is the least thing I can do is put a huge focus on my overall health and well being. Now I'm not just talking about losing weight to become skinny. That has never really been a goal of mine but more so to tone out and be more in shape has been my goals. Now its all about how I feel: how are my energy levels? do I get winded easily? Am I getting sick often? Those are the questions I ask myself when it comes to my overall fitness and health. 

Now I've taken supplements before but I didn't really know what I was putting in my body and how it was going to work I just though “oh look so and so is taking this it must be good, right?” But I did not think about if it was right for me, what will this product do and what ingredients are in it. Now I'm so much more conscious of what supplements I am putting into my body and the adverse effects of them. 

I do work with Modere currently, but I did buy and tried their products without discount payment or promotions  needed before I wanted to start selling with them. I researched there products so in depth and do truly believe they have a great and helpful product. But it’s not just there products I take so below I Am going to list what im currently taking and why. I am not a doctor nor medical/nutritionist by any means! I just do a lot of research on products I want to try and I do recommend you do the same because not all products are created equal specially in the supplement world and there also might be ingredients your body does not respond well to!

  • Modere Life Liquid Collagen: I've been taking this for about 4 months now and love it. For me I saw instant results with my hair first and foremost, it was growing in faster, thicker and I had less hair loss overall. Next I noticed my joints cracking and creaking wayyyy less and not almost not at all. My skin has always suffered from dryness that no moisturizer could assist with and now its hydrated and smooth and my nails are also growing in thicker and longer than ever before. It is a great way to support your cardiovascular health! Also it tastes like fruit punch, is not tested on animals, BPA free and they use recyclable packaging. (click the photo to view on their website! Code 3702288 for $10 off your first order!)

  • Modere GO: this I kinda use more so as a multivitamin, it’s comes as a single serve packet that goes into 12-16oz if water and I love the aΓ§aΓ­ pomegranate flavor so much! It has all the vitamins you can love and want for your body that helps not only support your immune system but also give you energy though your the day with the 100mg if caffeine. I also love that it helps me keep hydrated and up my intake of water! (click the photo to view on their website! Code 3702288 for $10 off your first order!)

  • Organic Olivia Parapro: when my body started to get acne and really bad abdominal cramping I new something was going on with my gut. Parasites can grow within your gut that was transferred from food and no matter how healthy you eat it can still happen! From eating organic foods to your weekly sushi any foods can have parasites that transfer over and thrive in your gut! This helps get rid of the bad ones that are wreaking havoc on your system and cause things like cystic acne, sever cramping in your stomach and not being regular. So when that starts to happen I take the Parapro for about 3-6 days (sometimes longer if need be) to rid my body of these parasites! (click the photo to view on her website)

  • Organic Olivia: Adrenal Recovery: feeling overworked? Stressed out? Can’t sleep? Yeah I have days and even weeks like this too and the Adrenal recovery helps balance my HPA axis dysregulation. Now you’re probably like what’s that? Pretty much it’s the feeling of exhaustion that no amount of sleep can fix that stress causes. This allows me to calm that always on fight or flight mode and deal with my stress levels better. In turn you’ll get more restful sleeps and build your tolerance of stress back up  (click the photo to view on her website!)

*Organic Olivia is not a sponsor nor am I getting commission on her products*

*I do earn a small commission on Modere products and with promo code:3702288 you will also receive $10 off your first purchase! However i do love their products regardless*


How are you?

No, really how are you doing? 
This is a little different that my normal blog posts but its so important:

Lets stop and acknowledge our feelings wither it be happy, sad or indifferent. I know I am not always okay, no matter how hard I pretend to be and if your human i'm sure you have the same feelings too. Life is hard, 2020 is hard, BUT it is going to get easier as everything does in time. We need stop pretending that we are just okay all the time and have your moments of sadness, happiness or even moments of indifferent.
To often we see such a beautiful side of life, all the happy moments people post on social media because no one wants to post sad moments or their breakdowns and that is okay. As long as we can know everyone has them, no ones life is prefect. I'm so grateful for those around me but that does not mean I don't have feelings of sadness and despair sometimes 

Please take care of yourself, body mind and soul. Don't forget to schedule your regular doctors appointments checkups are great! Do a spa day for yourself or stay in bed and watch your favorite movies/shows. 
You are amazing and you are doing wonderful no matter what life throws at you! 
Please reach out to your friends or family, even me if you need to talk, vent, cry share your feelings all of them not just your happy ones. 

Enjoy your life and make it what you want it to be, do not let anyone discourage you from that!
I hope you have an amazing day =)


I think we all have a love hate relationship with our hair, right? Some days its amazing just came from the salon look and most days we look like we rolled out of bed threw it in a messy bun and called it a day. Either way that its okay! But if you want to up your hair game here are some tips and tricks ive found works for me over the last couple of years!

  1.  Hair masks: these are a must! you need goo healthy hair regardless of how you wear it and masks will help you in all kinds of ways. Wither it be repairing damage to adding moister to even keeping the frizz at bay. There are a ton you can make at home and also a ton you can by pre-made too! here are some i love to use:
    • Raw Sugar Healing Power: this i found at target for $9.99 for 12oz, its an avocado, banana oil, coconut milk and agave mask, i use this once a week as a substitute to my conditioner. after washing my hair ill throw that on for 10-15 mins then rinse with cold water. I've had it for like 2-3 months so its worth the price plus its also part of their clean beauty

    • Olive Oil: I'm a fan of the old school olive oil in your hair on a weekly basis, this helps me maintain my shine and keep my hair from being to dry and brittle. Throw it all over your hair and let it sit for like 1.5-2 hours then wash as usual!
    • I always find random hair masks in the disposable shower caps on targets clearance sections when I'm there! check them out because they are usually marked down to $1-$4 and they will always have different types depending on what you are looking for!
    • Sephora Collection Hair Masks: These are overnight masks for $5 they also come in the disposable shower caps so when you sleep it does not get all over the place! These are great to have on hand after a pool or beach day as the chlorine and salt water take a toll on your hair!
    • When in doubt and want to make your own hair care masks: Pinterest it up! You can find so many great DIY masks on Pinterest! from hair to face but please make sure to test these on small parts of you first before covering your entire head of hair or face if its a face mask! I've had slight allergic reactions before so just try it before committing to it all!

  1. Hair Ties: not all hair ties are equal!
    • Silk Hair Scrunchies Amazon: I had purchased these back in May of this year (2020) and I've seen a huge difference on the amount of hair I pull out. I use to use the classic thick banded ones Scunci makes, and don't get me wrong they do the job of holding your hair up but I would still get them stuck in my hair when doing messy buns and then there would be that painful rip. The silk ones from amazon are $9.99 for 6 hair ties and I also haven't lost one yet which is amazing!
    • Slipsilk Scrunchies: These little guys are a little pricey but your hair is worth it! the silk hair scrunchies are based off of these guys and  they definitely do a much better job of treating your hair like a princess. they come in various sizes but the two most popular are the mini size and original scrunchies: mini is a set of 3 for $20 and the original is a set of 6 for $39 at Sephora and on Amazon.
Either way you go, make your main hair ties worth your hair and go with a silk version!
  1. Hair Tools: Heat is not always a winner but it definitely helps when it comes to styling your hair. 
    • Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush: This thing is amazing, I will usually air dry my hair or towel dry but this makes me want to style my hair after I shower! It super easy to use and works like a charm, plus its so fast!  i have the mint ble one but it comes in standard black and a turquoise. They run $49.99 on amazon at regular price, plus it is returnable if you decide you do not like it. I love mine! I try to use it on cool instead of hot so that i do not damage my hair as much but both settings work like a dream! you can curl or straighten with this as well!

    • Hair Straighter: So I've had my Hair straighter for like 10 years and I absolutely love it! Its made by John Frieda it is a 1Inch straighter that can go up to 455 degrees F in 15 seconds and has a LCD display and also will turn off automatically in case you forget that its on and leave the house like so many girls do! I also love that it has extra long plates so you can style your hair faster and easier too.

    • If you're extra bougie the Dyson Air Wrap is amazing. I do not personally have one (yet =P) but I've used it a handful of times and its amazinggggg. My hair dresser also has one and uses it on my hair im always in love with how it comes out. The reviews really say it all. Its a little awkward to get use to but really its so versatile it comes with multiple attachments so you can straighten and curl your hair or give it that just had a blow out look. if you are looking to replace both your hair dryer, straighter and curler than this is what you are looking for! its $549.99 for 6 attachments and a carrying case! you can find it on Amazon, Dyson.com or even Sephora and get the extra points!

  2. Pillow case: now youre thinking what is she even talking about? my pillowcases are fine! they came with my bedset and are cute af. well they might be cute but they could be doing your hair the most damage. Having a rough pillow case or even sheet set can be bad for your hair and skin. The friction when you sleep causes you hair to break or even can create rough dry skin. The answer is yet again Silk! Not all silk has to be expensive but there are more luxurious ones that are better for your skin as well:
    • Amazon Leccod 2 pack Shinny Silk Pillowcase with hidden zipper:  these are great for an inexpensive pillowcase! they are super soft and gentle on your hair which limits the amount of friction between your head and the pillow in turn limiting the damage to your hair! they come in various neutral colors so that they will match with any bed spread and i love the hidden zipper detail that this one has, it makes sure your pillow stays put in the case but easily taken off and washed. plus no ugly zipper flapping around that could also get caught in your hair. This 300 tread count Silk Pillow case is  $12.99 for a queen hidden zipper 2 pack!

    • Slip- Silk Pillowcase: these guys are similar to the amazon but much more soft and genital.  this one is made from natural hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant satin allowing skin to breath much more easier which is why they price difference is there.
      The standard Queen is $89.00 at Amazon and comes in 10 colors: 8 standard colors and 2 marbled effects. 

*Using the Amazon Link I do recieve a small commission on their products, However these opinions are my own and products I do own*

Lets Talk Energy Levels!

If you are anything like me your energy levels have been sinking or just going up and down like waves on the beach. A lot has to do with staying at home more and not being in an office environment for me, as well as fighting normal colds that you unfortunately will think is more than just a cold. What I am trying to do is focus on my overall wellness to me mainly includes what I am ingesting. This could be my basic meals and snacks to  supplements and also medications/vitamins. Now I am not a doctor, I did not go to school for any of these subjects either I am just conducting my own research to find the best fit for me and if you choose to follow what I am doing that is up to you 100%. 

Here is 2-3 things I did to help my overall energy levels and build a stronger immune system:

        I tired to just buy healthier options at the grocery store, more veggies, leaner meats, whole foods, snacks that didn't have a lot of additives or processed sugars. Some people can kill it that I way, they stay with it and see results like weight loss, improved energy and better digestion right away, but unfortunately was not one of those people. I felt like I was wasting foods more that using them or I still could not figure out what to make to eat for each meal. So I then tried to stick with a cookbook, go by those recipes, Create a specific grocery list and only get the ingredients I need. This seemed full proof except finding certain ingredients is sometimes impossible and expensive especially in a pandemic. Also I did still find myself with excess waste and that I really hate. Food going bad or just not needing half of something that I can not really add to a different meal was to wasteful, not only for the lost money but just food waste is really unnecessary. That's when I started to look into the different meal delivery services. 
    I had tried some previously when I had first moved out on my own, I could cook basic meals but sometimes you want to spice it up. I checked out options such as HelloFresh, HomeChef, Martha, Fresh & Easy, Noom, and even Freshly. That's a lot of options when it comes to meal delivery services! However some you have to make some come pre-made, and some are commitments. Overall I choose Hellofresh, for me the ability to use there app to choose my meals, skip a week track my delivery and follow the instructions there if  I misplace the cards made it simple. The prepackaged meals come with almost everything you need, I say almost because they still have you use ingredients you should have at home such as salt, pepper. olive oil ect. The meals can take 20mins- 50mins including prep but this still allowed me to cook and feel apart of the process of knowing what is going into my body. Now this was just step one of what I was doing, however it definitely helped because knowing I am not wasting food, eating out so much by ordering food constantly and also just feeling more self-sufficient cooking something you normally would not was awesome. 

        Next I had my blood taken at my annual physical to determine my vitamin levels. This is something you'll have to ask your primary doctor for, it was an odd question but if you explain why and are open and honest with them they'll help you with a game plan.They can also can set you up with a nutritionist which may be covered by your insurance. I wanted to know if I was deficient in anything and how to correct this wither it be taking a specific vitamin or a multi-vitamin. Now nothing came up completely off balance but they did recommend to up my vitamins with a basic daily multivitamin which can be bought over the counter, pretty much up to me to find one I liked. I did see a nutritionist too and she recommended more veggies, lean proteins and less pasta, not surprising but I took that information all into account when choosing my meals for the week. With the multivitamins, I've probably researched 30, not all are created equal and its sometimes crazy how they source these vitamins as well. I ended up finding one with Modere. I've been taking a lot of there other products which I do love because I have personally found results with there products. Instead of the standard multivitamin pill I decided there GO product was better for me. Its a packet that you can take on the go and mix in water, it provides 11 vitamins and 5 minerals which was what I was looking for. Plus its made from clean natural products like green tea and other plant extracts to provide your body with exactly what you need and non of the processed modified crap you don't. Now this did not have Biotin, Iodine or Magnesium like some multivitamins do have, Modere does make a multivitamin that does have that however I personally did not need to supplement that into my daily routine so that is why I choose the GO. It does come in 3 flavors; Citrus, Fruit Punch and also Pomegranate(this one is my absolute favorite it tastes like pomegranate tea!) I choose this to also help with my energy levels on a day to day too. The green tea extract was important to me and it also made me hydrate more throughout the day with adding a little flavor too the standard water i would be drinking. 

       Finally I started to walk more. Exercise no doubt is important, even if you can or ill be real with you don't want to go for a jog or heavy workout session go for a walk, even if its only around the block or up the street. I am terrible at being consistent at working out but i do go for a walk 2-3 times a day. they might not be long or i might not sweat a lot but i get up and move. Now more than ever its important to take a walk or just move especially if you are working from home as before you got up and moved around some when you were at the office. If you have a dog he or she will appreciate the movement too, my neighbors walk there cats if an animal can keep you company might as well get them exercise too! You'll never know what you'll stubble across on your walk!

I hope you found some of this information useful! I know its long winded but there is definitely more to your body then what you see, please be mindful of the products you put in it and how you treat it. I've learned a lot but of course im still learning and now a days you definitely need a combination of western medicine and eastern medicine. I Personally will try and find more natural products when it comes to over the counter supplies and of course listen to my medical professionals with there advise as they are trained and specialized in this subject. However it never hurts to seek a second option if your gut is telling you something different. I do also want to state i take other supplements from Modere to help with maintaining and loosing weight as well which I've touched on with my Liquid Collagen Blog. I can go into more dept in a future blog as well if you guys would like!

Discount codes I have with the products discussed:
HelloFresh: $40 off your first box! follow this link:
I don't get paid off of this, it is something you can share with your friends too when you sign up!

Modere: $10 off your first order use code: 3702288 (the link has go in two flavors and the Multivitamin, you can remove anything in the cart you do not want!)
email me or DM me on Instagram with any questions you have with Modere! I really research all of there products because this brand has really proven the results with me.


Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea are my favorite drinks! I rarely drink soda, water of course has to be a staple I've come to realize (I did not do well drinking a lot of water when I was younger) and  alcohol beverages are nice on that special occasion or nice dinner. 

I love making different types of coffees, such as lattes, cappuccinos, cold brews, and the different types of espresso beans you can use is so interesting to me! I am still getting the hang of things and do not have anything fancy, so I'm working with the Starbucks Verismo machine which is very similar to the Nespresso or a Keurig k-cup. I also have a french press to make a cup of coffee here and there, I have used that to experiment that with cold brews and different types of ground coffee as well! 

What I found that makes the most different is a milk frother! It really is a must when experimenting with coffees! This can turn your average cup of joe into an amazing morning experience and really make a great start to your day! If you have a Keurig or any type of pop taking machine you can get espresso pods which is amazing! this will allow you to skip those lines at Dunkin or Starbucks and make your favorite lattes at home! 

How I make my go to morning pick me up!
Caramel Latte
    1. Fill the milk to the right below the max line on the Milk frother (i had linked the one i use daily on my amazon finds post, hoewever you can also find that one at target and other major retailers too)
      I love Fairlife whole milk but you can use your preference in milk, I have made this with oat milk as well as 1% and it still tastes amazing! 
    2. In a cup add you flavoring, I add just a splash of the Torani caramel, if you have pumps it would be equivalent to one pump 
    3. Add you Espresso shots, I do 2 blonde espresso shots with the Verismo machine  (if I'm really tired or going for a workout without preworkout I go 3)
    4. Add you steamed and frothed milk
    5. Enjoy! But also try and clean the milk frother right away, I hand wash it with a scrub brush right quick after each use so that it does not create a build up of the milk film.

    Tea is another thing I have been getting into, it kind of creates this overall wellness of mind and body and brings them together in one cup. I have started to realize that not all teas are created equal and after watching an herbest and fellow blogger alike I have definitely learned that teas are healing in their own way. Organic Olivia has taught me quite a few things but one that really changed me was herbs and medicine in a different level but that's a whole other topic. Her insight on teas was completely enlightening, 

    I always thought all teas are the same right? you take a plant and steep the leaves you cant really mess that up. That was wrong in ways too. Different chemicals can go into making you favorite cup of tea, so not all bags of tea are created equal and there is a really cool thing called tea crystals!
Well she put me on to this company Pique tea, which makes tea crystals and then you put that in hot or cold water it dissolves (COMPLETELY NO LUMPS OR CLUMPS) and bam you have an amazing cup of tea! What I noticed when drinking it too was there was no weird bitter after taste, it was such an earthly beautiful cup of tea. I love there matcha too! i make a wonderful Matcha Latte when i just need a little warmth in my soulπŸ’š

Matcha Latte:
  1. Pique Matcha ( or your favorite matcha) mix with a 1/3 cup of hot water in your glass
  2. Milk of your choice in the Milk Frother to right below max line wait for it to finish the cycle
  3. Mix the Milk in with the Matcha but hold the foam back, then you want to mix thoroughly to mix tea and milk together
  4. Add foam and Enjoy!
    Also try and clean the milk frother right away, I hand wash it with a scrub brush right quick after each use so that it does not create a build up of the milk film.

    *this is not a sponsored post nor am I getting commission on these products*

Alcohol Infusions!

I was given this amazing alcohol infusion kit for my birthday by my boyfriends sister Jess and it is so cool! You put your favorite liquor in the bottle and then the dried fruit it came with, she had choose Strawberry, lime and jalapeno for me which I had mixed with Patron silver! We had let that steep for about 8 day, it does says one week but we did first try it after 6 days and it was good! I will keep it in the fruits to grow a stronger taste as we only had a little bit of it on the 8th day. 
It is definitely an added bonus that you don't get the added sugar from the store bought mixers but of course you can still do splashes of them with the flavored liquor but I prefer to drink it on the rocks or with a splash or regular or flavored seltzer! 
What is great is that each kit comes with a drink idea and they also have refill kits on their site too! 

(Not sponsored or anything I just thought this was an amazing idea and wanted to share! Also, again if it is sponsored I'll add that in the blog!=))

Liquid Collagen

The Liquid Gold I’ve been taking and loving!πŸ₯°

You’ve probably seen it everywhere right? Collagen that is! In all kinds of forms it comes powdered, liquid, in bards and added into different drinks like supplements or even in capsules too right? I use to and still sometimes do add the powered one I have into a smoothly when I make one and that works when I make it but it’s definitely not as effective as 1) I don’t do it on the regular and 2) Your body just doesn’t naturally absorb power collagen. 
Now I saw the Instagram ads for liquid collagen everywhere  and I mean literally EVERYWHERE. All types of brands and flavors, but which one is right for me?! So I didn’t a lot of research and reached out to different people around me I knew who tried it as well and then I there’s  Modere. At first I was like okay not bad tastes like fruit punch I can totally do this twice a day! I’m gonna also track my progress because if I want to see results I also need to know where I start at. This product is no joke amazing, I love it! I tried it for a month before taking a second photo and that’s where I saw the results! The growth on my hair was awesome but the less loss was more of the change for me! 

More so my joints feel way better! They are less sore after workouts and less cracking and creaking when stretching and moving around too! I’m excited to try out more of there other products and report back because they seem to really know what they are doing! I have started the trim and noticed a little more definitions in spots where I normally don’t store fat. As long and I’m consistently with my workouts I also seem to be losing weight more rapidly there as well! 

Update: I got Kevin my Boyfriend to start taking it regularly with me, which he has issues with his hips and needs to stretch them on a daily sometime 2-3 times a day basis to feel better. He has been taking it for two weeks only once a day and notices he does not have to stretch as often if at all! 

The joint relieve alone is a huge benefit, the hair and skin is definitely a plus do not get me wrong but if your joints feel better you can move more freely and that opens up more doors to what you can and want to do! If you feel better you’re happier and want to be more active which is amazing!

I loved the products so much I decided to work with them to get you all a discount, so anyone who buys with me will get $10 off your first purchase!

For $10 off your first order you can use this referral code: 3702288

Update(3/20/2021): I’m still loving this product! I needed to reorder and was out for a week and noticed my skin starting to go back to being dry like before not as bad but definitely dry. Once I was back on for 2 days I’m back to fresh moisturized skin! Also my baby hairs have grown in so much more and I have new ones now!


Some of my favorite Amazon Finds!

Amazon finds I love!

Quarantine is difficult there’s no doubt about that! 
For me, I’ve been working from home for the first time ever and it’s been about 4 months and counting. I live with my boyfriend Kevin who is also working from home. This is really the first time we’ve had to cook for ourselves for every mean besides the occasional Grubhub or DoorDash delivery. 

Now you are probably thinking what does this have to do with Amazon right?! Well spending more time home and less commuting has given me more of a chance to online shop, which I use to hate to be honest. I’m more of a in store person I like to visually see it and grab it before I buy. I’ve taken my fair share of chances with online ordering and have done more research on items I’d usually buy at at whim in store or not purchase at all. So, here’s my best picks at some around the house items you might not think about purchasing that will make your everyday routines easier or get you into a better, easier schedule! Also all of these items I got the “do you really need that? Will you use it enough to to purchase it?” Talk from Kevin and I’ve thought about myself too.  Which is fair that’s always a thought when buying things in general, but he’s come around to all of these things and loves them almost as much as I do! He’s even apologized for questioning then too. πŸ˜† 

  • Milk Frother: 
You might have a coffee maker, it may be a regular old fashion one, a Keurig, Nespresso or my odd Verismo machine from Starbucks but a milk frother is a game changer! From those instagramable whipped coffees to hot lattes with fresh foam to even my favorite green tea lattes! This little gadget will take your at home coffee routine up a notch! Saving money on you to go coffee is made so simple and it’s quick and painless! I’ll do a blog on how I use it to make my favorites soon! But this had me making my regular Starbucks/Dunkin’ drinks at home at a way less too which is the whole goal! Less time waiting on lines and paying way more than you need to for your favorite pick me up! 

This is the one I use is $29.92 

  • Egg Cooker:
How many times have you tried to hard boil an egg yet under cook it or forget it’s on the stove and over cook it or had to google how long to boil an egg for for soft boiling eggs? Well I’ve done it too many times to count! Never did I think about an independent egg maker but it’s made faster healthier breakfasts an ease and it’s not just for boiling the eggs! You can make fresh omelettes without the extra pans! Devils eggs are a breeze! Poached eggs for your brunch day, done! Plus it’s super fast to cook, I’m obsessed! 

This is the one I had bought was priced at $14.99 
Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker with Auto-Shut off and Buzzer, 7 Egg Capacity, White 

  • Humidifier with essential oil diffuser:
Now this won’t expedite your morning routine but it does make your room smell wonderful and keep it nice a humid too for those rooms that are too dry. I personally keep mine in the bedroom to run at night since I have some dry skin and was prepping for a nose surgery to correct my breathing issues and this actually helps out! Plus I add the lavender essential oil to create a calming smell for relaxation to help me sleep better at night! I’ll sometimes switch it up and do tea tree oil or lemongrass whichever one I’m feeling at the moment!

The one I got is $56.93 
GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom & Essential Oil Diffuser - Smart Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier for Home, Baby, Large Room with Auto Shut Off, 4L Easy to Clean Water Tank (Black) 

  • Outdoor Smart plugs!
 While I love my apartment, it does have poor lighting for our porch and I sometimes like to sit out there at night and read, watch some nice thunderstorms roll by or just relax and talk. So like ever basic outdoor area you see on Pinterest, I added string bulb lights but I didn’t want to plug and unplug it every time I use it. I thought: there has to be an easier way, right? There is! It’s an outdoor WiFi switches you can control from you phone or google home/Alexa! I’ve tried a couple but this brand has been, by far, the easiest to set up, pair with your phone and smart devices(alex/google home) and just overall durability too.  

My favorite: Outdoor Smart Plug, it’s $26.99 only uses one outlet but gives you 2 waterproof outlets 
TECKIN Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Wireless Remote Control/Timer by Smartphone, IP44 Waterproof, FCC/RoHS certified 

  • Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Now hear me out, this one I did a crap ton of research on And it sound a little scary and sketchy but it’s amazing! It’s a countertop garden you can grow fresh herbs, salads, flowers and really whatever else you would grow in a standard garden! I really love that I can grow it year round no matter the weather, I live in NY so the snow would kill any outdoor plants I would normally grow in the spring/summer months. This thing is so easy to set up and you’ll start to see the plants emerge after just a couple days! Fresh greens at your countertop saves you money and also cuts down on waste too. No more buying herbs and forgetting about them in your fridge or bags of salad you accidentally let go bad because you didn’t eat it on time. 

I’m starting with this one: this I did get on sale for $119 but regular price is $149 

  • Blue light filter glasses 
I’ll admit I thought this was crazy when people where first talking about how blue light messes up your sleep schedule, can cause headaches and makes your eyes just hurt. Fast forward to a couple years later and numerous articles read about how it effects the brain and I understood it but I guess I still was a little bit skeptical still but science is science and you can’t dispute the facts when you try it first hand. I’m a migraine sufferer and working from home had me going from my phone to my computer, iPads and then tv screens which is a lot for your poor eyes. So I figured why not try blue light filter glasses it’s only $13.99 for 3 pairs. Welppp, Game changer! They helped my eyes not feel tired at night and I slept better too but the real results where when Kevin had a headache and needed to still use his devices but they hurt so much to look at. I got him to tried them and was raving about them, then he mentioned them to his family, friends and even other coworkers. That how I knew they worked for reals 

These are the ones I grabbed, $13.99
Blue Light Blocking Glasses - 3Pack Computer Game Glasses Square Eyeglasses Frame, Blue Light Blocker Glasses for Women Men, Anti Eye Eyestrain Reading Gaming Glasses Non Prescription 

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