Best items to have during a power failure!


Whether you’re  without power for a couple hours or a couple of days these are some items that are great to have on hand just in case! 

Last year during the summer we had an unfortunate power failure for about 4 days due to heavy storms. I found the best items that you should have on hand just in case this happens most below are what we found useful!

  • Battery powered lights! These are the absolute besttttt option for no lights!! A couple different options are awesome to have  we found the candle versions as well as string lights. To be the most useful! Especially useful during the darker hours to lighten up our living room, our bathroom and also just to walk around with!

These I’d rather use these items  instead of candles as if you were to leave your house accidentally left the candles on it could cause a fire! These battery powered ones are much safer and still provide the same amount of lights but for longer periods of time. I also use these lights when have a migraine especially like in the shower or in the bedrooms too. 

  • Rechargeable batteries! It’s always good to have extra batteries around the house but rechargeable batteries are definitely more eco-friendly and overall better use for you during a power failure. Keep them charged up throughout the year and have them on hand just in case you do lose power!

  • Battery packs, to charge your devices such as your phone or other items that are USB friendly! When not in use I have a little cubby that all of my charge battery pack stay in so I know exactly where they are. 

  • Board games, depending on how long you’ve lost power obviously you won’t have Internet some board games or even card games are great to have all the kids so if you got a little restless gives you something to do!

  • Fleece blankets and/or sheets! At least these will will keep you warm during the colder nights or days depending on why are lost power

  • Rechargeable fan! This was a perfect by over the summer when we lost power because we lost air conditioning too obviously and it was so incredibly hot at night these little guys are rechargeable by USB cable so used mophie power packs to charge them up and they lasted about four or five hours each time they were fully charged!


Bedroom Refresh Update!

 This had been a work in progress for so longgggg. Sometimes we have a mission to decorate something, a vision on how we see a room, but its okay to take your time on getting there. Furniture is expensive especially quality items, that wont break down on you and that will age well with you too!

Our original set was from IKEA, and let me say wow its lasted for 8+ years and was super cost effective but we wanted a new style a bit brighter to open up the space some more!

First we did a bed swap, we went from this bed:

IKEA Malm queen bed frame in black/brown


To this bed:

Fort Calhoun Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed Queen

This opened up our room a lot! The lighter color really make our bedroom look so much bigger and brighter which is exactly what we needed! Next I had painted an accent wall, I originally was thinking wallpaper but I had a moment of creativity and went out and bought paint and just started. I’m not a good painter, I’ve only done it 2 other times but I have to say I was so proud of myself on how this wall came out!

Next, we needed a new dresser, so I looked and looked and looked and found one that fit the space perfectly! The navy blue matched the wall, had gold accents with the hardware as well, it was the same style but also smaller which was needed! 
Old dresser:

New Dresser:


And Finally we both needed desks, but we currently live in a one bedroom apartment so our bedroom is our offices too, we had to make it functional yet also be able to grow with us when we move. So we choose these two desks:

I’m waiting on the grey desk and a desk chair or be able to take the final photos but I’m so excited with how this project is turning out! Now I do want to say none of this is sponsored and had taken me over a year to complete with the some pieces going in on Friday and I’m still on a hunt for end tables and lamps
Take your time picking out furniture, its okay if it doesn’t match right away! You need to make sure you love it and furniture is expensive so don’t settle if you get something and then hate it, check your return policies before you buy! Also shop around, we found the dresser 3 different places and wayfair happened to be cheaper!

Trim from Mōdere

I know weight loss products are still a little taboo, most people are tired of the constant ads false promises and expensive products with terrible taste right? Normally I would agree, I’ve tired “It Works”, “Advocare” even the shakeology crazy too but nothing seem to work. My diet is not crazy filled with the normal crap, I don’t eat fast food often and I make a lot of healthy choices with an abundance of fruits, veggies and lean meats too! So what can help me if nothing seems to work? I’m an active person, I work out, I go on numerous walks and hikes with my dogs and boyfriend as well.

It all seems so helpless sometimes with you’re trying to lose a little fat and gain more muscle too Well that is until I found Modere’s Trim. Now I did get over the craze of expensive weightloss products after trying so many before but after trying their liquid collagen I figured one bottle couldn’t hurt to try.

Trim, what is it?

  • Clinically proven to shrink fat cells
  • Supports Fat Metabolism
  • Inhibits Cellular Fat Storage
  • Supports a Reduction in Fat Cells
  • Improves Muscle Tone
  • Restores Youthful skin (has liquid collagen in the formula!)
  • Supports Joint, Muscle Fitness and Connective Tissue Health (Liquid Collagen Gold)
  •  Supports Healthy Hair, Nails, Gums and Eyes!

How Does it work?

  • Take it twice a day, the CLA and other Patient and scientifically proven ingredients do their own thing to help you do your thing! 
  • I take mine first thing in the morning before breakfast and at night before bed!
  • With a clean diet and exercise it will accelerate your results however clean eating alone with this will show you results in as little as a month for most people!

What does it taste like? Deliciousness with no weird aftertaste! It comes in these following flavors in order by my favorites:

Price: $99.99 the bottle will last you a month and if your a first time customer use the discount code: 3702288 for $10 off! 

I would recommend the Life and Trim Combo as it is $159.99 together you save $10 with bundling the two. With this combo you can take them both in the morning or the trim in the morning and the life in the evening! You can use the same Promo Code (3702288) for $10 off your first order!




Cleaning the clutter and your mind!

Take a look around your home, wither it be an apartment, condo, RV, trailer or house, how clutter is it? Now think about how many items you use that’s in your home, its not that many right? So why do we hold on to these useless items? Why do we have boxes or drawers full of “junk” that we may or may not need? 

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s time we get rid of that clutter! The clean space will allow you to have room to grow, for your mind to reset. The junk that’s living in your home is negativity that’s also living in you, your mind and body. Once you rid your home of that then you will become a little more free and a sense of calm too. 

I know it sound a little odd, items can cause negativity? That’s completely possible if you think about how you feel when your kitchen or bedroom is a mess vs when its clean and organized, completely different feelings right? 

A question you always ask yourself is: where do I start? I start in the room I spend the most time and now that’s going to change on a weekly or biweekly basis. Right now it’s my bedroom and I’m gonna start by looking around and seeing the messiest area and just go! Start by getting rid of clear garbage, tissues wrappers old pens, if’s garbage throw it out. 

Ask yourself in this order: 

What it is? 

When was it used last? Over a year? You might not need it! Less than a year its safe to keep.

Then Does it work properly? If no, Can I recycle it into something useful? No? Then toss it! If yes to either of those questions then keep it or up cycle it! If it’s wasting space its got to be tossed but if its being used then it should be kept because there no reason to rebuy something.

If it’s something you are really unsure about then you should make a pile for it to revisit when you get done with the room. 

Continue this to this in each part of the room and soon you will have a or of things to get rid of and more of your space back too! While you say yay or ney to these items keep like things together. Example; create a changing station with all of the plugs you need for your devices and keep it in one area and you’ll never search for a plug again! 

Closets are the easiest to me to organize, its important as they usually get messy fast if you have multiply members in your home! Use small bins to help keep like items together. Example I have a bin with extra first-aid items next to our first-aid kit for easy access and replenishment.

Kitchen cabinet organization will make your snack choosing easier too! Organize your kitchen cabinets with bins as well but you don’t always have to splurge on a set of tupperware! You can use ones you already have in your closet for food storage! The little tiny containers that you seem to never want to put leftovers in because it would only hold a bite size? Use these items to organize snacks like granola bars or fruit snacks. This will eliminate the big bulky box the items come in and also put to use the unwanted and unused containers so they wont get messy and fall out on you when you grab your mostly used ones!

Don’t over stress yourself by doing it all in one day! Cleaning and organizing is not a one day job so don’t get discouraged if you cannot do it all in one afternoon or feel overwhelmed by doing multiple cabinets and closets! Before you grab a snack take care of the cabinet then the next day do another one! One by one you’ll be able to organize and enjoy more of your space without feeling too overwhelmed and the end results will be so nice to look at but also you’ll feel less stressed from the clutter!

Some of the storage contains I have:
Air tight storage set: This set is $69.97 and comes with 6 of each size, lids and also the stickers which are dry erase to mark the containers! It also includes the measuring spoons!

Garlic, onion and potato holders: This set is $56.99 and is the perfect holder for your potato’s onions and garlic! We cook often so its a staple to have these items on hand but we might as well make it look cute!

The black wire baskets I have hanging by Command Hooks are from Targets Dollar Spot so they cannot be linked but were only $5!

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