Nismo and Adopting Your Furever Pup!

This is for someone curious about the Dog rescue/adopting process. I thought I knew the steps but there was some I did not know and some tips and knowledge I wish I had prior, so here is my experience!

I've known I wanted to adopt a puppy since I've moved out on my own, but I needed to make sure I had enough time to support the pups and myself fairly. I also needed to make sure he/she had a safe space and enough space in my living environment to make it work as well as make sure I could take on the financial responsibility of them too.

This took time, 5-6 years to be exact. You'll never feel fully ready to be frank with you. There is always things you will wish you have but as long as you can feed them, walk them, love and care for them that's what matters. It is a huge commitment especially with your time, potty training is a lot but rewarding and watching them evolve is amazing.  

I have always been a huge believer in adopting animals from rescues rather than shopping for them from breeders, just because there are so many cute animals in need of loving homes that need our help. So I went to and found Angels For Mistreated Animals (AMA for short) and they had helped rescue a liter of 7 pups that were unfortunately extremely malnourished. They named each pup after the Stranger Things cast dubbing them the Stranger Things Puppies. We had put in application for this liter and at another rescue named Mutt Mafia for a female pit-bull name Nola who was about 4 months old so roughly the same age as the Stranger Things pups. We wanted the dog as a puppy so we can really train them to be friendly, loving and caring towards all.

Nola we fell in love with she was so cute in her photos and we drove about a hour to go see her but she didn't make it to the meet and greet. This actually turned out to be a blessing, she found her furever home. We, of course were heart broken but we did get great news the same day about two pups being available from the Strangers Things liter and our application was approved! Now I personally was a little upset and sour about Nola so I did not want to get overly excited about the Stranger Things Pups because I feared getting my heart broken again.  So Kevin took the reigns a bit, he got all the photos and spoke to the wonderful ladies at AMA for days until he set up what I was told was a meet and greet.


Imperfect Foods

 I was recommended by a friend to try out a new food service box called Imperfect foods. In the past I've done the HelloFresh meal services and I go back and forth with doing those boxes. The reason I do change it up is as much as I love the easy go to meals they do sometimes get repetitive with some of the meals and not all suite my taste buds. 

Imperfect foods is a little different, they offer farm fresh foods and also boxed and canned goods you can pick out weekly. For my area I shop on Mondays-Tuesdays and the box is delivered to my doorstep on Friday. You can choose items that are in your box ever week and items you would never like to see in your box that way on you item choosing day it will select items you would like incase you forget to choose, you can always edit your cart and switch it up during your shopping window! 

The items will tell you what the imperfection is, for example the item is carrots and could be a little deformed for store shelf or they might just have a surplus. Either way you save and get fresh foods delivered weekly!

They have meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, grains canned items herbs and snacks too!

Check them out and see if theyre a great fir for you!

Imperfect Foods Get $10 Off Your First Box!

(not sponsored nor affiliated just a great service!)


Dinning Area Rework!

 My dinning room area has been a work in progress since we moved in on Dec 1st 2018. We had nothing there to a dog crate and then a random dresser. So we started to order furniture slowly because furnishing a new apartment is a little expensive. Here is how we turned this barley used space into an actual dinning area and work from home space!


New York Style Bagels!

 I learned to make these bagels last year and man they make me so happy! Something I've always luckily had access too was a fresh made bagel and they are so good when you live in New York. So here is how you get that homemade New York Bagel in your own home no matter where you are!


Chicken Noodle Soup 🍜

 Now there is so many ways to make your own home made chicken noodle soup but here is my take on the classic!


How to Create Your Own Picture Collage on a Budget!

 I keep seeing on my Instagram feed these really cute picture collages, but when they look super expensive and im not for that. I saw on Amazon, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond where you can buy these sets of frames but they were crazy expensive. I also checked out Etsy and wants feeling it as much as I thought so I figured lets try and do my own!


Buffalo Chicken Dip

 I haven't made this in years so I hoped it come out as good as I remember and it really did! 

This Buffalo Chicken Dip is great on hamburger buns (kinda like a pulled pork sandwich), as a dip for game day and its also great cold too! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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