Best items to have during a power failure!


Whether you’re  without power for a couple hours or a couple of days these are some items that are great to have on hand just in case! 

Last year during the summer we had an unfortunate power failure for about 4 days due to heavy storms. I found the best items that you should have on hand just in case this happens most below are what we found useful!

  • Battery powered lights! These are the absolute besttttt option for no lights!! A couple different options are awesome to have  we found the candle versions as well as string lights. To be the most useful! Especially useful during the darker hours to lighten up our living room, our bathroom and also just to walk around with!

These I’d rather use these items  instead of candles as if you were to leave your house accidentally left the candles on it could cause a fire! These battery powered ones are much safer and still provide the same amount of lights but for longer periods of time. I also use these lights when have a migraine especially like in the shower or in the bedrooms too. 

  • Rechargeable batteries! It’s always good to have extra batteries around the house but rechargeable batteries are definitely more eco-friendly and overall better use for you during a power failure. Keep them charged up throughout the year and have them on hand just in case you do lose power!

  • Battery packs, to charge your devices such as your phone or other items that are USB friendly! When not in use I have a little cubby that all of my charge battery pack stay in so I know exactly where they are. 

  • Board games, depending on how long you’ve lost power obviously you won’t have Internet some board games or even card games are great to have all the kids so if you got a little restless gives you something to do!

  • Fleece blankets and/or sheets! At least these will will keep you warm during the colder nights or days depending on why are lost power

  • Rechargeable fan! This was a perfect by over the summer when we lost power because we lost air conditioning too obviously and it was so incredibly hot at night these little guys are rechargeable by USB cable so used mophie power packs to charge them up and they lasted about four or five hours each time they were fully charged!

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