I’m gonna start by introducing myself, my name’s  Demi and I’m just here to share some of my favorite  things with you! 
I want this to be a place of fun, of sharing and learning too. I love sharing my findings with my friends and family. That might be products such as target finds, Amazon stuff, car things, hair care, food, random Instagram ads, mix drinks, recipes or just life hacks! 

The products that I use or try out 
I will  sharing my honest opinion of them . If I happen to have sponsored products, I will share that with you as well because I do want to be open and honest. I will share my real opinions no matter what, as I want to be open and have integrity behind each post! 
I know there’s a lot of people out there doing this and I love that there is someone for everyone, If I can be your person to try it before you buy then great and if not I get that too!
I hope you friends like it here and will follow along my instagram as well @Demi.Alexandria

Let’s be friends! 👭👫👬👭

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