DIY Christmas Decorations on a Budget!

I was on various websites looking at Christmas decorations to spruce up my patio and my apartment this year. I wanted to make it more magical than ever since 2020 has been kind of rough. Unfortunately everything is expensive and with the uncertainty of the job markets and just the universe I wanted to save where I can. Shopping more intelligently and saving the extra pennies is extremely important to me and many others right now. So I wanted to share how I made this adorable light tree for my patio for $30!

Supplies needed:

How to:

  1.  Take your tomato cage and put the ring on a flat surface like a table or the floor
  2. Zip tie the lights with the side of the plug to one part of the on the bottom ring giving yourself enough length to plug it in to an outlet. 
  3. Go around the bottom of the tomato cage continue to zip-ties the lights to the cage slowly going up, make sure that the zip-ties are not too tight as you can move it up and down a little to space accordingly if need be, you can go back and tighten this at the end.
  4. Continue up the cage until you reach the top then add the topper!
  5. Bam! You have a beautiful Christmas tree decoration! this can be used in a bedroom, on your patio or lawn or where ever you'd like and it did not cost and arm and a leg!

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