Alcohol Infusions!

I was given this amazing alcohol infusion kit for my birthday by my boyfriends sister Jess and it is so cool! You put your favorite liquor in the bottle and then the dried fruit it came with, she had choose Strawberry, lime and jalapeno for me which I had mixed with Patron silver! We had let that steep for about 8 day, it does says one week but we did first try it after 6 days and it was good! I will keep it in the fruits to grow a stronger taste as we only had a little bit of it on the 8th day. 
It is definitely an added bonus that you don't get the added sugar from the store bought mixers but of course you can still do splashes of them with the flavored liquor but I prefer to drink it on the rocks or with a splash or regular or flavored seltzer! 
What is great is that each kit comes with a drink idea and they also have refill kits on their site too! 

(Not sponsored or anything I just thought this was an amazing idea and wanted to share! Also, again if it is sponsored I'll add that in the blog!=))
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