Liquid Collagen

The Liquid Gold I’ve been taking and loving!🥰

You’ve probably seen it everywhere right? Collagen that is! In all kinds of forms it comes powdered, liquid, in bards and added into different drinks like supplements or even in capsules too right? I use to and still sometimes do add the powered one I have into a smoothly when I make one and that works when I make it but it’s definitely not as effective as 1) I don’t do it on the regular and 2) Your body just doesn’t naturally absorb power collagen. 
Now I saw the Instagram ads for liquid collagen everywhere  and I mean literally EVERYWHERE. All types of brands and flavors, but which one is right for me?! So I didn’t a lot of research and reached out to different people around me I knew who tried it as well and then I there’s  Modere. At first I was like okay not bad tastes like fruit punch I can totally do this twice a day! I’m gonna also track my progress because if I want to see results I also need to know where I start at. This product is no joke amazing, I love it! I tried it for a month before taking a second photo and that’s where I saw the results! The growth on my hair was awesome but the less loss was more of the change for me! 

More so my joints feel way better! They are less sore after workouts and less cracking and creaking when stretching and moving around too! I’m excited to try out more of there other products and report back because they seem to really know what they are doing! I have started the trim and noticed a little more definitions in spots where I normally don’t store fat. As long and I’m consistently with my workouts I also seem to be losing weight more rapidly there as well! 

Update: I got Kevin my Boyfriend to start taking it regularly with me, which he has issues with his hips and needs to stretch them on a daily sometime 2-3 times a day basis to feel better. He has been taking it for two weeks only once a day and notices he does not have to stretch as often if at all! 

The joint relieve alone is a huge benefit, the hair and skin is definitely a plus do not get me wrong but if your joints feel better you can move more freely and that opens up more doors to what you can and want to do! If you feel better you’re happier and want to be more active which is amazing!

I loved the products so much I decided to work with them to get you all a discount, so anyone who buys with me will get $10 off your first purchase!

For $10 off your first order you can use this referral code: 3702288

Update(3/20/2021): I’m still loving this product! I needed to reorder and was out for a week and noticed my skin starting to go back to being dry like before not as bad but definitely dry. Once I was back on for 2 days I’m back to fresh moisturized skin! Also my baby hairs have grown in so much more and I have new ones now!

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