How to Create Your Own Picture Collage on a Budget!

 I keep seeing on my Instagram feed these really cute picture collages, but when they look super expensive and im not for that. I saw on Amazon, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond where you can buy these sets of frames but they were crazy expensive. I also checked out Etsy and wants feeling it as much as I thought so I figured lets try and do my own!

I turned this blank space above our couch:

Into this!

What I bought:

I Ordered these Frames:

  • 5 pack of  upsimples 11x14 frames $28.99 (currently has an additional 20% off coupon) These fit well with the 7 pack, the thickness of the frame is not the same as the 7 pack they are thinner and also instead of glass its a clear thick plastic covering for the photo. it still looks great with the collage I just want you to be aware of the differences. Click Here For the 5 Pack of Frames

  • 7 pack of assorted frames $29.99  (currently has an additional 10% off coupon)- Songmics frames which comes with the glass inserts and also the white mat to frame around the photograph. They are really nice wood frames pretty high quality for the price point ad they also have kick stands in the back as well as notches to hang both ways. Click Here for Frames 
    ~One 11x14 inch with the mat it will  fit a 8x10 photo
    ~Two 8x10 inch with the mat it will fit 5x7 photos
    ~Four 6x8 inch with the mat it will fir 4x6 photos

    I needed something to hang it with:

  • Command strips Large photo hanging- I used 2 on each frame  they hold up to 16lbs if you use 4 on each frame, however on all of the frames i only used 2 on the top corners, which it states hold 8lbs (I currently rent and did not want to add more holes into a wall if I didn't have too!)  Click Here For Command Strips

How I Created The Look:
  1. Grab a pencil and a level
  2. Mark a notch where you want the center of you collage to be on your wall
  3. Draw a straight and level line with your leveler the length of where you want the collage
  4. I took two of the biggest frames from the 5 pack of 11x14 and put them to the left and right of my middle mark and drew around the top left and right corners of the frame for placement
  5. I then did the same thing as step 4 to the follow frames working outward in this order:
    6x8 next ones outward
    11x14 end ones

    The reason I marked them all with pencil first is because I wanted to make sure that I liked the placement of it first before hanging and with pencil you can literally erase the marks or it comes off super easy with a magic eraser
  6. Once you decided If you like the look start to hang! Place the command strips on the top corners of the frames pair them with the backs and then peel the part that sticks to the wall, again I started from the middle and worked outwards so I could adjust the spacing between if need be.
  7. Once its all hung, look back and smile because you just rocked your photo collage for less that $100!

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