Liver, Digestive System and Gut Health,

 Your Health is important, but how do we maximize on our health without breaking our budget? How do we know what products will actually help you vs. a placebo effect? 

I did not have the healthiest childhoods, I was not taught about proper foods, cooking, and exercise was not a thing in our household either. So how am I changing my mindset and life? One choice at a time.

So you read that first part and are thinking how does this relate to MY liver and gut health? By one choice at a time you can be on a better track with your health which starts in your gut. 

Eating Right of course is the number one thing to help your health. Eating Whole foods, clean foods(not processed), fruits, veggies and yes carbs too! But how can we support our liver and gut in better ways? Supplements definitely will boost your health and I will explain some supplements that I use and love. 

4 Ways To Support Your Liver Digestive System and Gut:

  1.  Water, you have to be drinking water at least 50oz a day. this allows your body which is 60% water to flush out toxins! Think of your body like a filtration center, you need water to run, work and clean. If you drink  more water you can replace out the gross dirty water(toxins) with clean healthy water to clean your system even more and run without building up with rust!

  2. Alcohol Intake: limit how much you drink. this is one of the main reason for liver damage because your liver acts like a filter and if your constantly filtering alcohol through your liver it will lead to swelling, scaring and kill part of your liver if not all of it. 

  3. Exercise: this does not mean you have to work out 1hr a day everyday! Making smart choices like a 10min walk twice a day makes a huge difference!

  4. Eating Better: eating in moderation and making better choices like eggs and toast over a bowl of Lucky Charms(I just saw the St. Patty's day ones that turn your milk green at the store and chose not to by it even though I wanted it)

  5. Supplements when necessary: Supplementing some of your nutrients will help you feel better. Vitamins D I added into my daily routine because of covid. I was not spending as much time outside or in the sun which is a huge way our bodies get Vitamin D. Sometimes we need an extra boost and that is normal and okay!

 Chinese medicine states that the yearly spring cycle begins the activations of your liver organ as life starts to stir in the spring, plants start to bloom and grow, our bodies do too. 

Our bodies react to the weather around you, during the winter months our bodies begin to hibernate as it does not like the cold and wants to stay put to stay warm. In Spring our bodies know warm weather is coming and wants to be outside more get fresh air and bloom. This is what activates the liver, it starts to give you the itch to move more, maybe motivate you to exercise or start a new hobby! Your body wants to purge the toxins that are stuck because the lack of moving.  

What to look for in your Liver Supplements: 

  • ALA (alpha lipoic acid)- this protects your liver cells and will boost your glutathione production (an antioxidant that that can be lowered due to poor nutrition, stress and environmental toxins).
  • Wasabi Root- Helps in the removal of toxins
  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract- Assists in normal liver function
  • Vitamin C- Helps repair damaged tissue
You cannot just support your liver health without supporting your gut health! There is a saying that your Gut affects your whole body. Spoiler alert: IT DOES! 

Your gut is responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating waste(not all bad stuff but excess unwanted products as well), so therefore its so important to have a health maintained gut. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria, the good will keep the bad in check so they cannot outgrow their space and a balanced gut is key to keeping your equilibrium. with an unbalanced gut it could lead to IBS, Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. 

How can you change the bacteria in your gut? Well a healthy diet is one, less processed foods, less sodium and sugars too. 
Pro and Prebiotics is the second. These will help you take in more nutrients such as calcium, vitamin c & d which will inturn help you build up your immune system and lessen the effects of your seasonal allergies and even the effects of your lactose intolerance if you have that. 
Now as I stated in the beginning I want to share some products that will help with your spring cleaning of your liver and gut. Axis which is a pre, post and probiotic as well as Digestive Enzymes and Activate 3 day cleanse by Modere. These three products will kickstart you overall health goals this year and give you the energy you've been lacking. It's like the crutch when your injured to allow your body to repair and flourish like you want it to!

These 3 products i have taken and love, the cleanse I take once a month and the other two on a daily basis. I know it works for me because I've seen the results, More energy, less bloating, and I'm not getting an upset stomach like I use to everytime I ate even the cleanest meals. 

Make Good choices one at a time!

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