Home Workout Gear I love (space saving too!)

 So working from home and with the gyms being closed for most of the part last year, I had to get creative on my workout and self care overall. At First I used apps like Fit Body By Anna Victoria (I love her and her messages about body image and overall health!) To trying youtube workouts and finally Apples Fitness+. All of these are great options for at home workouts but you do need some equipment to be able to work out at home so below I have listed some of my favorite finds and where to purchase them!

  1. Yoga Mat- This is a huge must have! After shopping around at Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart and Amazon the cheapest high quality mat I had found was at Marshalls! I picked up this Gaiam 5mm Purple yoga mat for $9.99! Click Here to Order on Marshalls Site

  2. 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline- Okay so you might say do I need this? The answer is not really buit its an amazing and fun way to get your cardio in! Plus it has a stability bar which is really nice because when you start to get tired sometimes your balance is off and that's the last thing you want when jumping around on a trampoline. I jump and run on this to get my heartrate up while I watch TV and the best thing is that I can fold it up and move it out of the way when its not in use! Sometimes i leave it out though because my dog loves to lay on it like a dog bed! 

  3. Innstar Adjustable Bench Press with Bar- This is great for working out your arms nad back! When ordereding it does have different weight bands(80lbs, 105lbs, 150lbs and 200lbs) that were determined by the different colors. I also loce that the bar had little holes at the end so you can add other resistant bands to do squats as well!

  4. Resistant bands- Ones with clips i like the best because they can be interchangeable with benches, bars and handles too! This one is great because it has 5 bands (10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs and 50lbs!) I like that you can add weight and slowly go up when needed! Plus right now there is $2 off coupon with amazon so it makes it $17.95!

  5. Dumbbells/Kettel bells- Grab them at your local Marshalls or TjMaxx! they will range from $5-$15 but its the cheapest i've found them at especially with everyone building up their home gyms its a great place to save!

  6. A Cloth bin- I use this for storage of my bands, yoga mat and other random exercise equipment i pick up, its easy to toss in there and looks neater plus you know where everything is!
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