Hello Fresh VS Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

So you're looking for a meal delivery service, maybe to not waste as much food, maybe to keep you on a healthier track or maybe to be inspired/learn to cook. Well there is so many different choices out ther ebut here are two I have tried and which one i currently prefer!

Hello Fresh- This meal delivery was my starting off point, the recipes were and still are super easy to follow they come with everything you need in a marked little brown bag and the meats are usually separate. You can choose how many meals you would like with options to add on lunches or little snacks too! This was great for me for a long time until the repete of recipes weekly got boring and i needed to switch it up. Overall this box system is great for couples or families on the go. It's also for those of us who never know what to cook (thats me) or how to cook more elaborate meals than mac and cheese from a box (also me, while I can do basics with no instructions and supervision if give me directions and I can make you a 7 course meal!)

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon- I was googling other meal systems like Homechef and Freshly when I Had come across Martha Stewarts & Marley Spoon and naturally was intrigued! They had great reviews and looking at past meals it seemed a little more edgy than HelloFresh. So I picked m meals for the following week and BAMM, was super impressed! The meals have more flavor and more options too! I love that it's got something for everyone like Vegetarians, Meats as well as seafoods! There are so many new choices weekly and I have yet to see them repeat any recipes! I Like that some are 20 minute meals and some do take longer but all come out so delicious and they're fresh plus healthy too!

Overall I like HelloFresh as a jumping off point, its a great beginner box to get comfortable with the cooking process but once you get too comfortable and a little bored if im being completely honest then you're going to want to switch to Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon! 

Naturally they have referral codes for any member to share so if you want to try out Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon here is 1 Free box + 50% off your next three!

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