Amazon Finds Part 3!

I am trying to get better about ordering random stuff on Amazon, and by getting better I mean ordering less stuff. But these items I’ve order in the last 3 months have been super helpful so I thought I would share!

Glad Puppy Pads- We got a new puppy a month ago and potty training is so much easier with this guys! I love that It’s black and had carbon to absorb the mess and the smell! We tried numerous other potty training pads but this one is definitely our favorite!

Massage Gun- Sore mussels from sitting all day, working out or just slept wrong? This thing is amazing for helping out with that! Comes with interchangeable head piece, is cordless and comes with a carrying case for it all!

Hidrate Water Bottle- Has make me keep up with my water intake, gives you a goal daily based on weather and will light up to remind you when to drink! The bottle has an app to connect to your phone for goal tracking and will also help you find your water bottle if you accidentally lose it! You can also customize the light color as well!

Gaming/Computer Desk Chair-I love my new desk chair! It lights up in fin colors and massages your lower back with the lumbar massaging pillow it comes with! Easy assemble and super comfortable for long days at your desk!

Silicone Kitchen Cooking Set- this is one of the best Silicone cooking utensil sets we’ve had! Easy to hand wash (you don’t want to put it in the dishwasher due to the wood handles they can dry out and crack) and if the wooden handles get dry rub a little olive oil on them and they are good as new! Does not scratch your pans and I love that I comes with a little stand to keep on your counter top without the messy look!

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