What you’ll need for a new puppy!

I’ve compiled a list of items that are essential when you get a new puppy! I had a bigger list but after our second puppy in 2 years this is the absolute necessary items without the all the extras! If you click the link it will bring you to items we have purchased, I will list PetSmart and Amazon (neither is a sponsor of this blog). Just a note, a lot of the items are significantly lower with PetSmart.

  • Crate- there’s a lot of questions around this but overall puppy officials (like your vets and trainers) will all agree that a crate and the training that goes long with it is necessary. It allows them to have a safe space (den like) for them to go to! They’ll sleep and just hang out in they’re crate in time but it’s important to remember its not a space to put them in when they are in trouble! PetSmart Top Paw Crate ($41.99-$71.99 depending on size)

  • Harness- This is a preference thing, hen walking out pups we prefer a harness as it gives the walker more control and its safer for them if they are pullers. I do prefer ones that clip in the front and also have a handle as its easy to grab them if they’re in danger. We prefer the Kong harness’s as they are better quality overall! PetSmart Kong Harness ($27.99) Or Amazon Below
  • Collar- this is more so for the rabies tag and identification tags as well. We do microchip our pups but if a neighbor finds your pup they can easily call the number on the tag instead of calling animal control or needed to bring to a vet to find the owner. PetSmart Kong Padded Collar ($21.99)

  • Puppy pads (extra large and normal)- Extra large are great for inside crates just in case an accident happens but they are also good around the home too. Depending on the size of your pup you can determine the preference but we do love the Glad ones, they care black as they have carbon to help eliminate the smell and they hold a decent amount of liquid however they don’t have any adhesive to stick down. PetSmart Top Paw Adhesive Pads ($47.99 for 150 count)
  • Goats milk/ chicken broth- we used this in the food as to supplement some nutrients also to soften the food for them. Not all puppies will need this but its also like an extra treat in the food too! PetSmart GNC Goats Milk For Puppies ($29.99)
  • Trainer treats- these are tiny treats that are great for a reward system with your training, every time the pup goes on the pee pad they get a treat, also great for crate training so they know its a safe place! PetSmart Trainer Treats ($15.99)
  • Chewers toys- not all puppies are chewers however its goof to have a couple on hand there are numerous ones that range from soft chewers to tough chewers PetSmart Playology Toy(Medium is $14.99)
  • Slow feeder bowl- this helps them slowly eat their food, it looks like a little maze but most puppies will try to eat to fast and then not chew or get an upset stomach. The bowl slows them down allowing them to take the time to chew and digest properly(tip play with the food when they are puppies to decrease their dominance/ aggression around foods!) PetSmart Top Paw Slow Feeder Bowl ($13.99)
  • Puppy food or what they were originally feeding the pup- its best to slowly transition them to a different food if you want so pick up what they are originally being feed and what you want them to be fed, Slowly add the new food into their bowl with the current foods. This is a great time to add a tiny bit of chicken broth(low sodium or they have dog specific) or puppy gots milk.
  • Carpet cleaner spray/wood floor cleaner- this is important for those little accidents which are bound to happen! PetSmart Resolve Cleaner ($8.99)

  • Paper towels/ Microfiber wipes- Paper towels or a pack of microfiber clothes are a must! We do use both but microfiber cloths are reusable and less wasteful. This is for those accidents on wood floors, carpets and the accident spills that will happen with life too!

  • Carpet cleaner handheld/vacuum like one- We got one to deep clean are carpets and rugs after a couple accidents, I couldn’t believe how much dirt and grim it picked up even the spots that were “clean”, they’re great for cars, sofas and mattresses too!
  • PetSmart has a puppy coupon book for $19.99 which includes a ton of coupons that are up to $300 in savings! Ask for it at the register but there is 50% off dog food which pays for the book by itself! (This must be bought in a store, just ask anyone at the register!)

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