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 I have been changing my skin care routine up quite a bit during quarantine, I was trying to find a cleanser that worked for me, wasn't crazy expensive and had good ingredients, That sounded impossible because when i would find one that was made with natural ingredients it was a pretty penny. and when i found cost effective options, they did not have the best ingredients and also did not work,. They would leave my skin feeling tight and dried out and i would end up either breaking out or needing to excessively moisturize.

I finally decided to try out Modere's skin care line. I do love their liquid college and other supplements so I might as well try out their skin care too.  The price point was more than reasonable at $12.99 and the ingredients like aloe, cocoa seed butter, sweet almond oil and rose hip oil seem promising as well.  I have to say I was not let down, I tried it for about a week to make sure but right away my skin felt nourished, moisturized and overall comfortable. The small breakouts I was getting before cleared up right away and my blackheads were almost gone completely after the first week. 

They have a set which comes with the Dry Skin Cleanser, Day cream and Night cream as well which is what I had originally purchased for $42.16 but their Night cream is out of stock currently so at night I've been using my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream from Sephora which I've had on had and use on and off. But the results I do believe are mainly coming from the change of Cleanser and the Day Cream as i used the First Aid Beauty cream in the past but without these results. 

Also if you have 5 or more products when you order with Modere you can save up to 10% off as long as you sign up for smartship! The great thing about smartship is you can add or replace anything you want as long as your order is ad or above $75 you keep the double the discount promo! It is also so easy to review your smartship and make changes right on their site or through the app!

Modere is a company I do love and stand behind, they make great products at an affordable price that's also clean and that is reassuring. 

These are in my everyday routine:

  • Subtotal Before discounts/Promos: $152
    ith 10% off Smartship Save- $15!
    AND as a first time customer get $10 off using my Refferal code:3702288
    Total: $136+tax for these 5 items!! To me thats like getting the cleanser free;)
  • Order My Modere Everyday routine here!
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