Mighty But Mini Machines!

 So I might have a slight new obsession, Mini Makers! I'm not 100% certain that is what they are actually called but a company named Dash makes them and they are amazing! It gives you amazing portion control and also just allows you to add individual touches for you, your family or your guests! 

Dash also usually will make their products in red, black and aqua. I love the aqua because it matches so well with my Kitchenaid stand mixer! They also have select products in fun patterns and colors as well, like the mini waffle maker which comes in so many fun prints but they are a little more in price. 

Here are some of my favorite mini machines! My next post will be recipes what I use with them  

  1.  Mini Pie Maker- $32.98 I just made the cutest mini apple pies with this! Perfect for holidays, desserts and even dinners! Personal pot pies! The pies are endless!

  2. Mini Waffle Maker- Starts at $9.99: Mini waffles heck yes, mini cinnabuns OMG amazing! I've used this more than I'd like to admit! But its so quick, easy and clean up is a  breeze! They do come in so many fun patterns and also different shapes but for $9.99 the black and aqua ones are so cute and easy to use!

  3. Egg Cooker-  $19.99
    So many Options! Hard Boiled eggs, omeletts, poaching! All with minimal mess and no pans to clean up! making a nice healthy breakfast has never been this easy and quick! I also like that the measuring cup on the bottom has a little pin to poke the egg shells so it cooks without cracking the egg!

  4. Toster- $37.87- Love this with the little window you can see your toast or bagel and if its getting too burnt just pop it on out!

  5. Egg Bite Maker- I love getting the egg bites at target but not the cost. This little guy allows me to make my own and I do sometimes cheat, I'll get the "just crack an egg" Mix and use that to make special ones without the extra chopping and prepping needed!

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