Gardening and you!

I fell in love with gardening the first summer I had my apartment balcony. I love having fresh flowers blooming and knowing I am helping to feed the bees and humming birds that come to visit! I loved it so much I got a hydroponic garden for my kitchen so I could have fresh herbs to cook with like basil and mint for water! 

It all seems like a lot of work at first but its more so therapeutic. Now I still have the same balcony 2 almost 3 years later but I still love changing out my flowers for each season, making sure they get enough sunlight wither it be moving them to the left or right or positioning the sun lamps at the right angle, and of course watering them. 

Plants teach you a lot in return as well. A good plant needs good nutrients, like soil, water, sunlight and even food here and there to grow strong and healthy. This will allow the plants to fight off the pesky insects and bugs that attack and eat it. Sound familiar? We as humans also need good nutrients sunlight and water to stay healthy and to fight off those pesky bugs and attacks are immune systems face almost daily. I always heard that analogy growing up and understood it but it never truly sank in until well this year. 

I feel as humans we tend to spend a lot of time taking care of other things, our family, friends, work, pets and even plants but we more often than not put ourselves on the back burner. Why is that? We are important because without your own health you cannot do all those things, There is this saying "You cannot pour from an empty cup" then why is it we put others before ourselves almost regularly? 

I'm just here today to remind you that you are important. Without focusing on your own health, both physical and mental, you cannot help others. You are an important part of this puzzle of life but you have to focus on your own health, nutrition, water intake, sunlight(vitamins) and soil(mental space)  before you deplete yourself to lift up others. 

I hope you have an amazing day💜

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