Favorite supplements for immune health

    My Health is my number one goal and priority currently. With everything going wrong in 2020 it is the least thing I can do is put a huge focus on my overall health and well being. Now I'm not just talking about losing weight to become skinny. That has never really been a goal of mine but more so to tone out and be more in shape has been my goals. Now its all about how I feel: how are my energy levels? do I get winded easily? Am I getting sick often? Those are the questions I ask myself when it comes to my overall fitness and health. 

Now I've taken supplements before but I didn't really know what I was putting in my body and how it was going to work I just though “oh look so and so is taking this it must be good, right?” But I did not think about if it was right for me, what will this product do and what ingredients are in it. Now I'm so much more conscious of what supplements I am putting into my body and the adverse effects of them. 

I do work with Modere currently, but I did buy and tried their products without discount payment or promotions  needed before I wanted to start selling with them. I researched there products so in depth and do truly believe they have a great and helpful product. But it’s not just there products I take so below I Am going to list what im currently taking and why. I am not a doctor nor medical/nutritionist by any means! I just do a lot of research on products I want to try and I do recommend you do the same because not all products are created equal specially in the supplement world and there also might be ingredients your body does not respond well to!

  • Modere Life Liquid Collagen: I've been taking this for about 4 months now and love it. For me I saw instant results with my hair first and foremost, it was growing in faster, thicker and I had less hair loss overall. Next I noticed my joints cracking and creaking wayyyy less and not almost not at all. My skin has always suffered from dryness that no moisturizer could assist with and now its hydrated and smooth and my nails are also growing in thicker and longer than ever before. It is a great way to support your cardiovascular health! Also it tastes like fruit punch, is not tested on animals, BPA free and they use recyclable packaging. (click the photo to view on their website! Code 3702288 for $10 off your first order!)

  • Modere GO: this I kinda use more so as a multivitamin, it’s comes as a single serve packet that goes into 12-16oz if water and I love the açaí pomegranate flavor so much! It has all the vitamins you can love and want for your body that helps not only support your immune system but also give you energy though your the day with the 100mg if caffeine. I also love that it helps me keep hydrated and up my intake of water! (click the photo to view on their website! Code 3702288 for $10 off your first order!)

  • Organic Olivia Parapro: when my body started to get acne and really bad abdominal cramping I new something was going on with my gut. Parasites can grow within your gut that was transferred from food and no matter how healthy you eat it can still happen! From eating organic foods to your weekly sushi any foods can have parasites that transfer over and thrive in your gut! This helps get rid of the bad ones that are wreaking havoc on your system and cause things like cystic acne, sever cramping in your stomach and not being regular. So when that starts to happen I take the Parapro for about 3-6 days (sometimes longer if need be) to rid my body of these parasites! (click the photo to view on her website)

  • Organic Olivia: Adrenal Recovery: feeling overworked? Stressed out? Can’t sleep? Yeah I have days and even weeks like this too and the Adrenal recovery helps balance my HPA axis dysregulation. Now you’re probably like what’s that? Pretty much it’s the feeling of exhaustion that no amount of sleep can fix that stress causes. This allows me to calm that always on fight or flight mode and deal with my stress levels better. In turn you’ll get more restful sleeps and build your tolerance of stress back up  (click the photo to view on her website!)

*Organic Olivia is not a sponsor nor am I getting commission on her products*

*I do earn a small commission on Modere products and with promo code:3702288 you will also receive $10 off your first purchase! However i do love their products regardless*

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