I think we all have a love hate relationship with our hair, right? Some days its amazing just came from the salon look and most days we look like we rolled out of bed threw it in a messy bun and called it a day. Either way that its okay! But if you want to up your hair game here are some tips and tricks ive found works for me over the last couple of years!

  1.  Hair masks: these are a must! you need goo healthy hair regardless of how you wear it and masks will help you in all kinds of ways. Wither it be repairing damage to adding moister to even keeping the frizz at bay. There are a ton you can make at home and also a ton you can by pre-made too! here are some i love to use:
    • Raw Sugar Healing Power: this i found at target for $9.99 for 12oz, its an avocado, banana oil, coconut milk and agave mask, i use this once a week as a substitute to my conditioner. after washing my hair ill throw that on for 10-15 mins then rinse with cold water. I've had it for like 2-3 months so its worth the price plus its also part of their clean beauty

    • Olive Oil: I'm a fan of the old school olive oil in your hair on a weekly basis, this helps me maintain my shine and keep my hair from being to dry and brittle. Throw it all over your hair and let it sit for like 1.5-2 hours then wash as usual!
    • I always find random hair masks in the disposable shower caps on targets clearance sections when I'm there! check them out because they are usually marked down to $1-$4 and they will always have different types depending on what you are looking for!
    • Sephora Collection Hair Masks: These are overnight masks for $5 they also come in the disposable shower caps so when you sleep it does not get all over the place! These are great to have on hand after a pool or beach day as the chlorine and salt water take a toll on your hair!
    • When in doubt and want to make your own hair care masks: Pinterest it up! You can find so many great DIY masks on Pinterest! from hair to face but please make sure to test these on small parts of you first before covering your entire head of hair or face if its a face mask! I've had slight allergic reactions before so just try it before committing to it all!

  1. Hair Ties: not all hair ties are equal!
    • Silk Hair Scrunchies Amazon: I had purchased these back in May of this year (2020) and I've seen a huge difference on the amount of hair I pull out. I use to use the classic thick banded ones Scunci makes, and don't get me wrong they do the job of holding your hair up but I would still get them stuck in my hair when doing messy buns and then there would be that painful rip. The silk ones from amazon are $9.99 for 6 hair ties and I also haven't lost one yet which is amazing!
    • Slipsilk Scrunchies: These little guys are a little pricey but your hair is worth it! the silk hair scrunchies are based off of these guys and  they definitely do a much better job of treating your hair like a princess. they come in various sizes but the two most popular are the mini size and original scrunchies: mini is a set of 3 for $20 and the original is a set of 6 for $39 at Sephora and on Amazon.
Either way you go, make your main hair ties worth your hair and go with a silk version!
  1. Hair Tools: Heat is not always a winner but it definitely helps when it comes to styling your hair. 
    • Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush: This thing is amazing, I will usually air dry my hair or towel dry but this makes me want to style my hair after I shower! It super easy to use and works like a charm, plus its so fast!  i have the mint ble one but it comes in standard black and a turquoise. They run $49.99 on amazon at regular price, plus it is returnable if you decide you do not like it. I love mine! I try to use it on cool instead of hot so that i do not damage my hair as much but both settings work like a dream! you can curl or straighten with this as well!

    • Hair Straighter: So I've had my Hair straighter for like 10 years and I absolutely love it! Its made by John Frieda it is a 1Inch straighter that can go up to 455 degrees F in 15 seconds and has a LCD display and also will turn off automatically in case you forget that its on and leave the house like so many girls do! I also love that it has extra long plates so you can style your hair faster and easier too.

    • If you're extra bougie the Dyson Air Wrap is amazing. I do not personally have one (yet =P) but I've used it a handful of times and its amazinggggg. My hair dresser also has one and uses it on my hair im always in love with how it comes out. The reviews really say it all. Its a little awkward to get use to but really its so versatile it comes with multiple attachments so you can straighten and curl your hair or give it that just had a blow out look. if you are looking to replace both your hair dryer, straighter and curler than this is what you are looking for! its $549.99 for 6 attachments and a carrying case! you can find it on Amazon, or even Sephora and get the extra points!

  2. Pillow case: now youre thinking what is she even talking about? my pillowcases are fine! they came with my bedset and are cute af. well they might be cute but they could be doing your hair the most damage. Having a rough pillow case or even sheet set can be bad for your hair and skin. The friction when you sleep causes you hair to break or even can create rough dry skin. The answer is yet again Silk! Not all silk has to be expensive but there are more luxurious ones that are better for your skin as well:
    • Amazon Leccod 2 pack Shinny Silk Pillowcase with hidden zipper:  these are great for an inexpensive pillowcase! they are super soft and gentle on your hair which limits the amount of friction between your head and the pillow in turn limiting the damage to your hair! they come in various neutral colors so that they will match with any bed spread and i love the hidden zipper detail that this one has, it makes sure your pillow stays put in the case but easily taken off and washed. plus no ugly zipper flapping around that could also get caught in your hair. This 300 tread count Silk Pillow case is  $12.99 for a queen hidden zipper 2 pack!

    • Slip- Silk Pillowcase: these guys are similar to the amazon but much more soft and genital.  this one is made from natural hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant satin allowing skin to breath much more easier which is why they price difference is there.
      The standard Queen is $89.00 at Amazon and comes in 10 colors: 8 standard colors and 2 marbled effects. 

*Using the Amazon Link I do recieve a small commission on their products, However these opinions are my own and products I do own*
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