How are you?

No, really how are you doing? 
This is a little different that my normal blog posts but its so important:

Lets stop and acknowledge our feelings wither it be happy, sad or indifferent. I know I am not always okay, no matter how hard I pretend to be and if your human i'm sure you have the same feelings too. Life is hard, 2020 is hard, BUT it is going to get easier as everything does in time. We need stop pretending that we are just okay all the time and have your moments of sadness, happiness or even moments of indifferent.
To often we see such a beautiful side of life, all the happy moments people post on social media because no one wants to post sad moments or their breakdowns and that is okay. As long as we can know everyone has them, no ones life is prefect. I'm so grateful for those around me but that does not mean I don't have feelings of sadness and despair sometimes 

Please take care of yourself, body mind and soul. Don't forget to schedule your regular doctors appointments checkups are great! Do a spa day for yourself or stay in bed and watch your favorite movies/shows. 
You are amazing and you are doing wonderful no matter what life throws at you! 
Please reach out to your friends or family, even me if you need to talk, vent, cry share your feelings all of them not just your happy ones. 

Enjoy your life and make it what you want it to be, do not let anyone discourage you from that!
I hope you have an amazing day =)
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