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 There are so many different types of coffee machines out there now which is kind of crazy. When my Starbucks Verismo Machine died I was really upset. That machine has woke up with me everyday since 2014. I guess it was time to let go and discover new coffees and machines alike. So I researched and researched and was trying to figure out if I had wanted an actual espresso machine or Keurig/Nespresso Pod one or just go back to a classic coffee machine. Ultimately  I figured out I wanted a coffee pod system with lots of options, The Verismo Machine was nice but there were not a lot of pod options and the coffee was lacking variety. 

So Keurig Vs. Nespresso

Keurig- Keurig has lots of coffee options and some machines even have the option to froth the milk on the side but they did not have a whole lot of espresso options and that is one of my favorite things. Also I had A Keurig machine previous to the Verismo and I was not super impressed. It made a good cup of coffee but I was looking for both a great cup of coffee and the ability to make lattes as well. Recycling the pods with Keurig is kind of annoying in my opinion, yes they go right in your regular recyclables but you have to cut the top of the pod open and get rid of the coffee grinds before recycling the pod. This can cause a mess and if not done properly can cause your drain to get stopped up with coffee grinds. 

Nespresso- Has so many options including the cup size of machines, cold brew as well as espresso pods, half caffeine and decaf as well. They are a bit more pricey but you can find them at multiple retailers and they are usually on sale. I also think its cute that they have Nespresso Boutiques where you can sample and purchase coffee pods as well as recycle your old pods. You can also request a bag to send back your old coffee pods to recycle properly which is nice! they pay for shipping and you just have to schedule a pick up with UPS or find a drop box to send them back. Nespresso does all the work taking the grinds out and using them for compost and the pods itself are recycled of properly and turned int o new items! 

Their milk frother does both hot and cold drinks and is so quick and easy! plus you truly get a Starbucks/Dunkin/Coffee House feel with your cup of coffee in the morning. 

Ultimately I went with the Nespresso Venturo line, This is the bigger cup of coffees machine, as the original makes as the original makes a much smaller cup of coffee the Venturo is perfect for the on the go person who likes to take their coffee with them to work or drink it on the commute. I also like the way it makes my espresso and lattes, the flavor profile is unmattached by any machine i have tried before. 

The Original line does offer a bit more variety with the pods and you cannot use original pods in the Venturo line or vice versa. Also worth noting the Original line pods can be found in stores line Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond where as the Venturo line needs to be ordered on Nespressos website, through Amazon or on retailers website and shipped. If you have a Nespresso Boutique near you they do carry both lines in store!

all Nespresso machines come with the sample pack too! its a nice varity of there pods so you can find which coffee style you like!

I purchased my machine at Bed Bath and Beyond as they had a sale on Nespresso at the time and also allowed me to use their 20% off coupon on one item. However you can usually fine them on sale at Target, Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond at any given time so please do not but it for regular price, save some dough! For Example: 

Amazon- regular price: $249.99 on sale for 21% off for $197.99 (Click Here For Link) Skip the store and have it shipped to you!

The sale I had found a month ago: Bed Bath & Beyond: Regular price: $249.99 was on sale for $189.99 + coupon for 20% off one item= $151.20! I saved $98.79! (not current sale, Also i'm not sure if this deal will come back but if you use their app you can get the 20% off coupon there!)

Nespresso Pod Organizer- $24.99 holds up to 52 smaller pods or 40 bigger ones! i like how clean and organized this looks under the machine! this can only be purchased through Amazon. (Click Here For Link

Coffee Flavoring- Torani Variety Pack Caramel, French Vanilla, Vanilla & Hazelnut, 25.4 Ounces (Pack of 4) (Click Here For Link)

Syrup Pumps- Torani and DaVinci fit Syrup (25.4 oz-750ml) Pump - Pack of 2- $6.49 (Click Here For Link)

You can Make your own pods but because the Nespresso machine reads the barcode on the capsules this refillable capsule is perfect! $33.99 comes with two pods and 100 seals(lids) Also i love the packaging! (Click Here For Link)

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